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October 1st   Zhengzhou botanical garden will cancel tickets free — Henan branch network, people.com.cn yesterday, Municipal Gardens Bureau held a news briefing to announce, from October 1st onwards, the Zhengzhou botanical garden to cancel tickets, free open to the general public. Zhengzhou botanical garden is located in the Central Plains West Road and West Fourth Ring Intersection 500 meters south, east of the West Fourth Ring Road, north of flood control road, with a total land area of 861.84 acres. Built in October 1, 2008 to open to the public, there are more than 1500 kinds of plants in the park more than 10 kinds of plants. Prior to the entrance tickets for 10 yuan, exhibition greenhouse tickets for $15. Free from October 1st. Taking into account the increased traffic brought about by the management issues, from October 1st to the end of this year for the transition period. In the meantime, the gates open 6 to 18 hours a day. Starting from January 1st next year, 6 to 22 hours a day open. Open the tropical Conservatory and bonsai garden every day 9 am to 17 pm every Monday, the park closed maintenance. In order to ensure a smooth and orderly traffic during the National Day, exhibition greenhouse on more, tropical rare plants space smaller reservation admission, i.e. tourists receive on-site tickets in batches to visit every day, limited to 3000 passengers. (reporter Pei Qijuan) (Xin Jing and Xu Chi: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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