Not only domestic Jaguar XFL drive sincerity extension

XFL is not the only domestic Jaguar Jaguar will be the first sincerity extended XF models to achieve localization, and adapt to the domestic demand market China launched exclusive XFL long wheelbase, with large administrative level luxury dealers, 388 thousand of the price of natural than BBA’s rival, is now full of sincerity. While competitors have their own forces, listed the same Benz E level long the most fashionable brand, Mercedes Benz in the domestic market is ingrained hard to shake, and for domestic Jaguar, everything from scratch, very broad prospects, after all, the market still has great potential China. We still have to look at the specific new Jaguar XFL have what sincerity. From the price of good faith in the first domestic Jaguar XFL on the price to give you a very good surprise, starting price of 388 thousand yuan, is the same as several domestic large and medium scale models of the lowest. But with factory personnel in communication, want to give you a one-step price implication is not a discount? To know the competition is not a small discount, prospective owners who still wait and see. Consistent with the appearance of XF wheelbase lengthened 140mm to reach 3100mm Jaguar has been the leader of all aluminum body, this time on the XFL is still using all aluminum body structure, to ensure the lightweight and strength. Compared to XF, XFL due to different vehicle configurations, vehicle weight gain between 70-115kg, or more ideal. The interior trim also reflects the sincerity of sincerity, XFL stressed that the movement of both business, so the wood trim and texture aluminum trim mix used in accessories, the effect is good. And has a variety of collocation options. The sincerity of a serious understanding of space models so as to be comprehensive, the highlight of the XFL space travel experience is on page third. Domestic XFL wheelbase lengthened 140mm reached 3100mm, the data among the mainstream, and basically all assigned to the rear passenger. The power control sincerity domestic Jaguar XFL provides three types of power: 2.0T high power version and 3.0T supercharged version of V6, the whole system matching of ZF 8 speed tiptronic transmission, the 2.0T high power version will be the main force, and currently does not provide four-wheel drive version. Is the car’s Jaguar brand emphasize the movement, but as a luxury brand, and the accumulation of immersed sense of luxury, power output and ensure proper performance, rather than a simple temper, if you just stay in the data, then obviously you experience to continue for some time. Summary: the first domestic Jaguar XFL as the first model, clearly intended to enhance the brand, while XFL is large, not only conforms to the demand of the back of the ride is lengthened, lifting, less than the opponent’s starting price is also very touching. In addition, the original Jaguar sports plus business characteristics are completely preserved, the market potential is not small.相关的主题文章:

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