North Korea’s new rocket engine or 13 intercontinental ballistic missile p8400

The new North Korean rocket engine for the Mars 13 intercontinental ballistic missile North Korea new rocket engine ground test firing suspected Mars -13 missile engine test according to KCNA reported 20 days ago, North Korea in the West Sea satellite launch of new satellite rocket engine power on ignition test. North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun to the scene to guide. Observers network military commentators believe that North Korea’s test may be for the Mars 13 intercontinental missile or a new Galaxy rocket developed by the engine, which is the first test of the engine. Kim Jeong-eun visited the sohae satellite launch station reported that the purpose of this test is to operate the accuracy and reliability of the engine structure verification engine power in a certain period of working time of the combustion chamber, the combustion characteristics of various types of operating system. Report date not mentioned. Kim Jeong-eun at the scene issued a trial order. High power engine manufacturing success, provides technology guarantee for North Korea in the national space development plan for 5 years during the development of satellite launch vehicles, so that North Korea has a carrying capacity of the earth observation satellite launch all kinds of satellites. Kim Jeong-eun expressed satisfaction with the results of the experiment. He said that the National Space Development Agency to North Korea’s own power and technology to manufacture and launch more different uses of the satellite, so that North Korea in a few years to become a "stationary satellite"". On the basis of the results of the test, the preparation of the satellite launch as soon as possible. North parade of the "Mars 13" liquid fuel missile observation satellite, military commentator analysis, namely the technical difficulty of synchronous satellite is not rocket successfully carrying a satellite into orbit, but also lies in whether the satellite has reliable fixed capacity, accurate monitoring technology of the satellite itself need ability and attitude adjustment the whole. North Korea in a number of missile tests, although showing a certain rocket into orbit, but the satellite fixed-point two related technologies have not yet reflected. At the same time, in order to put the satellite into orbit, the need for a larger third rocket, and North Korea is now "galaxy" rocket is a small solid rocket of the third level, obviously do not have the ability to. This requires that the Rockets have a greater thrust of the first level, in order to be greater than third into space. China’s first launch of geosynchronous orbit satellite rocket is long March 3, the rocket’s first and second level and the Long March 2 rocket or east wind the same as the Intercontinental missile. The North Korean launch of the galaxy 3 rocket technology level, but also can not catch up with China’s Long March 1 rocket. The main engine of the Milky Way Korea 3 rocket allegedly 4 Mars 7 (the missile) the main engine of medium range missiles, the rocket engine is still the continuation of the Soviet Scud missile technology, from the perspective of rocket technology is very backward. But on the other hand, the possibility of North Korea master UDMH fuel technology has little nitrogen tetroxide. It may have shown a liquid fuel rocket engine technology is the highest level of the "Mars 13 main engine", generally speculated that the missile program may be similar Chinese early "Dongfeng 22", still uses UDMH red fuming nitric acid fuel.相关的主题文章:

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