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Nearly 400 people on both sides of the Strait Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu AC Bailei Beijing – Beijing, Chengdu, September 20, (He Shaoqing Anyuan) to deepen cross-strait youth exchanges and cooperation, promote youth innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu, 2016 Chengdu Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship development of cross-strait exchanges will be opened in Chengdu on 20 may. Nearly 400 students from Taiwan, Sichuan college students entrepreneurial team of small and medium-sized enterprises, new companies, venture capital institutions youth delegates. It is understood that the meeting will be held for a period of 5 days, the two sides of the Chengdu Strait youth hit off venture competition, innovation and entrepreneurship salon, create business docking sharing sessions, tours and other special activities, help cross-strait youth share both sides of the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial practice and innovative ideas to the successful experience and ideas. "Since 1988, the first Taiwan funded enterprises in Sichuan, has been more than 1800 Taiwan funded enterprises in Sichuan Industrial investment, founder of the Taiwan youth cultural and creative enterprises in Chengdu streets are." Sichuan affairs office director Zhou Minqian introduction, cross-strait youth who is entrusted with the future of cross-strait relations, hope that through this exchange will build cross-strait youth exchanges and cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship platform. (Taiwan) Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Association honorary chairman Liu Canshu said that globalization makes the global youth more intense competition among young people on both sides, only cooperation, complementary advantages, mutual communication can be more easily in the face of this trend, look forward to more young people in Taiwan through this activity, and to join the youth innovation and entrepreneurship. In the subsequent Chengdu Youth Entrepreneurs Create a project competition, 8 teams from more than 100 branches in Taiwan, Chengdu entrepreneurial team out of the scene roadshow. From Taiwan Zhongxing University, 90 after the young man Peng Yujing brings warm nose stick project for the project’s prospects, he seems confident. Shenzhen has been investigated before and after the incubator Park, and I hope this will be able to interact with the west of the Mainland Youth exchanges." After Taiwan Daye University chairman Ye Yuen, Taiwan Golden Gate University Librarian Lin Zhengwei 6 expert judges, as well as from 15 incubators or investment institutions of professional judges scoring strictly, eventually, "Zhen general science and technology team award", "super5", "pure art" team won the first prize. On the same day, the Chengdu Strait youth to create business center inaugurated in Chengdu high tech zone. At the same time, the Chengdu high tech Zone has promulgated relevant policies to encourage and support the Taiwan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, including "Jing Rong apartment" housing support Taiwan employees have no fixed residence in Taiwan youth entrepreneurship in the enterprise, provide technical support and research funds of Taiwan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. (end)相关的主题文章:

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