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In twelve finals this war South Korea people’s Daily: the most common heart – to Beijing in August 31st, Chinese soccer players and coaches to encourage each other before training. On the same day, China’s national men’s soccer team in the World Cup Stadium in Seoul before the training, preparing for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers held in the Asian Games in 12 and South Korea’s game in September 1st. Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Yongmin photo China national football team at the final stage of the World Cup Asian zone qualifying game have the opportunity to compete with Asian powers, from the last 15 years have passed. Beginning in September 1st 12 strong Asian Games, the first opponent is Chinese team ushered in the years of the "victims" South korea. For this game, China and South Korea fans and the attitude of the media hot and cold, different — Chinese media for this war full campaign, and there will be tens of thousands of fans flocked to Seoul Chinese rock on the World Cup Stadium, in each other’s territory of South Korea did not turn from a guest into a host; and the battle over rendering. In the opinion of the local media and fans, a victory should be logical. 3 consecutive Miss World Cup qualifying final stage of the competition, have become China team of rivals in the eyes with a touch of mystery "weak". From the Asian Football center stage for a long time, only a China team play bloody game to regain attention and respect. The forage charter flights to Seoul, the establishment of 3 million yuan to win the prize, the players enjoy the five star hotel room…… National football team overwhelmed the treatment has shown unusual. The pre game adaptability training carried out in August 30th, China team bus car to clear the way, this is the only appearance in the previous match day. In the presence of the players, there are two cars and equipment equipped with staff arrived in advance of the training ground, and do all the preparatory work before training. 12 games have not yet started, a lot of detail has made people feel the Chinese team in terms of logistical support and international standards, China’s football management concept has finally come. Have to say, after the separation of the Chinese Football Association Management Office, the national foot in the battle of the contest has more room for autonomy and choice. Use the market to solve the practical problems, to maximize the team’s combat effectiveness. As for the investment and bonuses from the operation of the "Chinese team" project of the Ford company. In fact, after the Orangemen won the 12 tournament, "Chinese team" of the brand has been further favored businesses before the war, China team also sponsored by the Italy famous men’s clothing brand Zegna. The China completely self-sufficient team can enjoy it all from security, and only in this way can intentnesses in the arena to compete with rivals. Gongxinweishang and South Korea team, "koreaphobia" is not open around the topic. South Korea’s self-confidence, it is based on the two teams in the past 30 games against 17 wins and 12 draws on the overwhelming superiority of the 1. South Korean media said North Korea "Sports", "no country on the pitch". "South Korea football, for China is the fundamental terror." On the afternoon of August 31st, the South Korean national team.相关的主题文章:

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