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The National Tourism Administration to protect the safety and the National Day holiday tourism market order — Travel Channel original title: National Tourism Administration to protect the National Day holiday tourism market order and the safety of Beijing on 30 September, the National Tourism Bureau held a news conference today, informed of the recent media exposure of the "Anhui Mount Jiuhua tourism chaos investigation supervision well, National Day holiday tourism market order and safeguard work safety. National Tourism Administration spokesman Xue Yaping stressed that during the holiday season, the tourism sector will strengthen the responsibility of holiday travel safety production, further rectification of the tourism market order, timely and proper handling of tourism complaints. National Tourism Bureau will be announced after the investigation of a number of typical cases. Instructed the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau severely punish Mount Jiuhua travel chaos in September 27th, CCTV "news broadcast" column exposure of Mount Jiuhua travel chaos. The National Tourism Bureau attaches great importance to, and immediately instructed the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau urged local governments and Scenic Area Management Committee severely punished. The National Tourism Administration Supervision and administration secretary Peng Zhikai said, before the eleven National Tourism Administration issued a "notice" on the good 2016 National Day holiday tourism, tourism departments at all levels before and in the section, increase joint law enforcement efforts on tourism service quality supervision and the order of the tourism market, the coordination of public security, traffic, business, commerce, food safety quality inspection and other related departments to carry out tourism market inspection, focusing on the order of the tourism market, unreasonable low group, false advertising, shopping illegal business, illegal tour of inspection, and jointly safeguard the healthy and orderly tourism consumption environment. "We have asked all localities to Mount Jiuhua scenic area as a warning, giving top priority to seriously find problems, implement the regulatory responsibility to avoid similar problems." Peng Zhikai said, during the festival, the National Tourism Bureau will give full play to the supervisory role of the public, the 12301 tourism service hotline and tourism complaints network platform, encourage the community to provide all kinds of illegal behavior clues actively, strengthen supervision by public opinion of the media, the media exposure typical events disrupt the tourism market order. After the holiday, will be announced a number of typical cases investigated. To prevent major tourism safety accident is the National Day holiday tourists travel peak. According to the China Tourism Research Institute predicted that this year the number of domestic tourists is expected to reach 589 million passengers, an increase of 12% in. During the National Day holiday, the flow of people, logistics concentration, mass activities increased, the pressure will increase the security of tourism security. Xue Yaping introduction, the National Tourism Administration to do a good job during the National Day holiday travel safety as a top priority. Before the holiday, the National Tourism Bureau relevant leaders have led the safety work of multiple local tourism enterprises and tourism scenic area conducted a special inspection. During the festival, the National Tourism Administration will also send a working group to focus on the inspection of travel safety and tourism market order. It is reported that, in order to guarantee the safety and quality of the National Day holiday tourism market, the National Tourism Bureau issued a special pre "notice" on further improving the national holiday tourism safety work, once again made on holiday safety work)相关的主题文章:

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