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National Day holiday travel to pay attention to these 4 play more healthy National Day holiday, many people have a plan to go out to play. However, do not pay attention to health risks, after the holidays, playing sick". Doctors advise, happy holidays, do not forget to play healthy. The best car with "officer" Chen Huangshi drove to the Yunnan tourism, breath and even driving in 3 days, every day for 6 hours, resulting in severe lumbar disc herniation, could not even sit, have to come to Wuhan to do surgery. Analysis of the PLA Wuhan General Hospital Department of orthopedics director Cai Xianhua, driving time is too long, easily lead to lumbar muscle strain and nuchal ligament strain, may also cause severe vertebral displacement, vertebral artery and nerve root stimulated pressure. Because of the long time driving the oppression of the most severe cervical spine, fatigue of the cervical spine will cause insufficient blood supply to the cerebral artery, over time, the head, shoulders, upper limbs and other pain may occur. To avoid these problems, suggestions for holidays ZiJiaYou, preferably with a "co pilot", two people every one or two hour rotation drive, reasonable arrangements for the rest time in the rest station about 10 minutes, do some stretching exercises, relax tense muscles. "Sugar friends travel to patients with diabetes equipment when traveling, should bring the blood glucose meter, candy and other drugs may need to grape, timely monitoring of blood glucose. If it is self driving tour, pay attention not to drive for a long time, once the symptoms of hypoglycemia, should stop as soon as possible, to add sugar containing food or drinks. If sugar friends with heart disease or fundus lesions, as well as lower extremity complications, doctors do not recommend self driving tour. Especially to be especially careful when cold, influenza and other diseases, these diseases can cause unstable blood sugar. "Backpack" to moderate travel back yaosuanbeiteng. Cai Xianhua, director general of the PLA General Hospital in Wuhan, said that this may be caused by continuous loading. Long Backpack Travel, the shoulder muscles in a high load, high pressure state, resulting in fatigue cramps. According to the weight of ordinary people, it is recommended not to exceed the weight of the backpack weight of 5 kg, in the growing period of children and women should be lighter weight backpack. Plan your route, don’t be too tired, the PLA Wuhan general hospital emergency department deputy director Cheng Qing reminds, tourism planning should be reasonable route to go out, keep the necessary rest, work and rest. People with heart and respiratory diseases do not travel on plateau. To adjust the physical condition in plateau tourism, to adapt to the plateau environment, pay attention to sun protection. Elevated plateau elevation of oxygen reduction, many people will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue and headache, at this time should immediately stop the physical activity, a slight recovery after the downhill.相关的主题文章:

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