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Nanning City, the 2016 character of Huashan? Dadi Feige blooming Charm — local Party Leadership: original title: 2016 Huashan color blooming charm? Our party, all the people involved in national singing; grassroots star, turns to sing aloud, connecting you and I shared feelings with song, let the audience enjoy the fun of music. In the evening of September 11th, the green power in Guangxi, in Nanning this with the folk song as the soul of the city, the eighteenth Nanning International Folk Art Festival in 2016 colors of Huashan? Dadi Feige bloom charm party. The party to the Nanning silk road wind resonance "as the theme, divided into" Nanning wind "" maritime Silk Road "Symphony" resonance "in three chapters, selection of domestic and foreign classic folk songs by Chinese and ASEAN countries with extraordinary strength of the folk song to sing, a return to the essence of visual feast and most ASEAN feelings the party played the" The Belt and Road "symphony. The party also very amazing effect. A bamboo, quiet moonlight, the endless fields of gold…… The background of the stage following the program content shows a different wonderful picture, with colorful lighting effects, using the combination of techniques to create "the people in the picture" wonderful mood, make the performance more vivid, shocking, every second seize the audience eyeball. The party is divided into "Nanning wind" "maritime Silk Road" Symphony "resonance" in three chapters, respectively, tells the story of Guangxi, Chinese and ASEAN, and the story of the world Chinese story. The song "Nanning folk song" combined with Cantonese rhymes and modern international music form, tells the story of Nanning, with the combination of rap, performance, video, leading the audience together through the time tunnel, back to the memory of Nanning, a booming city; from Vietnam and China Wang Liang Du blue show. "Dance" rattan wrapped around the tree full of national characteristics, the Guangxi and Vietnam to perform the musical play of the friendship; musical "that year a hurry is from China and ASEAN countries, the actor with the deduction, the students a great time in Nanning appeared on the stage. In the Silk Road "resonance" chapter, a song with the sound form of bel canto, to the interpretation of the discourse power, the first multi city folk songs give a relaxed and graceful hearing feeling. That night, many classic works of Guangxi also sing on stage, "" catch "return our Wei Lili Arab" thought "sing sing" what "high" "seed" thank you very much for the people once again met song sea charm. In addition, the party also launched the "beautiful south", "sitting sister" and other new songs, to bring the audience a new auditory enjoyment. It is worth mentioning that the classic New Folk Song "butterfly kisses, the original song" Huashan Huashan "love" in song form, let the audience a taste of the charm of ancient Huashan rock paintings, to touch the spirit of Zhuang ancestors password. (Reporter Mok Junwei Qiao (Zhao Peng): commissioning editor (Intern), happy)相关的主题文章:

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