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Nanjing, a tourist on the way to eat hot pot burns, court sentenced Hotel compensation 310 thousand Nanjing a citizen on the way to Beijing travel in the hot pot restaurant when burned, and then she claims, before and after the lawsuit for more than two years, recently, the court ordered the hotel to compensate 310 thousand yuan. Modern express ZAKER Nanjing reporter Zhang Yujie eating hot pot burned nine disabled 2013 National Day holiday, the public Ms. Xu (family name) and the family reported the tour group to Beijing tourism. One of the arrangements for the trip is to eat hot pot at a local hotel in Beijing. In the process of eating, because of alcohol burning in the shop, Ms. Xu was burned. Ms. Xu was rushed to hospital for 47 days. After returning to Nanjing, she was treated in several hospitals in Nanjing. In April 2014, she commissioned an accreditation agency to identify disability classes, length of life, duration of care and duration of nutrition. According to the appraisal opinion, the scar area of burn and scald reached over 20% of body surface, constituting nine grade disability of human body injury. After that, she sued the travel agency of Nanjing, Beijing’s land contact agency and the hotel to court. The hotel assumes the 40% compensation responsibility, the court investigates understands, that day Ms. Xu when dining, requests the attendant to add the alcohol. The waiter asked her to add her own, and Ms. Xu took a large pot with spare alcohol. She poured the alcohol from the big pot into her own pot, and put the spoon back into the big pot. As the ground was slippery, she fell down and returned to burn when she returned to a large basin containing alcohol. The court held that the hotel, as a catering service operator, has a reasonable security obligation to the customer. Ms. Xu, as a person with complete capacity for civil conduct, has the ability and obligation to pay high attention to her personal safety. The court decides the hotel to undertake the 40% compensation liability, and the travel agency and the land agency should undertake joint and several liability. The court calculated the loss of Ms. Xu, ordered the hotel to compensate more than 31 yuan. After the first judgment, both sides appealed, and not long ago, the Nanjing intermediate people’s Court upheld the verdict.

南京一游客旅游途中吃火锅烧伤 法院判酒店赔偿31万   南京一市民北京旅游途中在火锅店用餐时被烧伤,事后她提出索赔,前后官司用时两年多,近日法院判令酒店赔偿31万元。   现代快报 ZAKER南京记者 张玉洁   吃火锅烧成九级伤残   2013年国庆假期,市民徐女士(化姓)和家人报了旅游团去北京旅游。旅行中的一项安排,就是到北京当地一座酒店吃火锅。就餐过程中,因店内酒精着火、徐女士被烧伤。   徐女士被立即送往医院治疗,住院47天。回南京后,她又分别到南京几家医院治疗。2014年4月,她委托鉴定机构对自己的伤残等级、误工期限、护理期限、营养期限进行鉴定。鉴定意见显示,烧烫伤瘢痕达体表面积20%以上,构成人体损伤九级伤残。此后,她将南京的旅行社、北京的地接社和酒店方告上法院进行索赔。   酒店承担40%赔偿责任   法院调查了解到,当天徐女士就餐时,要求服务员添加酒精。服务员让她自己添加,徐女士就取来装有备用酒精的大盆,用勺子从大盆里舀酒精添加到自己炉内,再将勺子放回大盆里。由于地面湿滑,她在送回装有酒精的大盆时摔倒,继而被烧伤。   法院认为,酒店作为餐饮服务经营者,对顾客负有合理限度内的安全保障义务。而徐女士作为一名完全民事行为能力人,有能力也有义务对自身人身安全尽到较高的注意义务。法院酌情判令酒店承担40%的赔偿责任,旅行社和地接社承担连带赔偿责任。   法院核算了徐女士的损失后,判令酒店赔偿31万余元。一审判决后,双方都提起上诉,前不久,南京中院二审维持原判。相关的主题文章:

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