Nanjing Millennium luxury tomb museum site to build the tomb of identity long mooted soojin

Nanjing Millennium luxury tomb museum site to build the identity of the owner of long mooted Nanjing Beijing, October 9, (Yang Yanci) Nanjing city planning department confirmed 9: in the national key cultural relic protection units — Nanjing Jiangning Wu tomb site, tomb built exhibition hall, Soochow Museum of Archaeology and the six dynasties. A 1800 year old tomb, unearthed the tomb of identity since 2005 since the long mooted. By then, people from all walks of life can be "in-depth" tomb, explore the mystery of the identity of the tomb. The arched brick tomb, the appearance of a double hemisphere shaped distribution. The pit is 21.5 meters long, 14.4 meters wide, the tomb, most are deeply embedded in the soil mass. After years of digging, the surface soil has been cleared, the appearance of visible. Nanjing University of cultural and Natural Heritage Institute He Yunao said, as the tomb of the Royal double chamber tomb, made of brick, the specification is quite high. According to the archaeological discovery of the tomb of the tomb of the first day of the Sun Quan book, dating back about 1800 years. From the tomb and found the specifications of cultural relics, the owner should be noble identity, worth a lot of money". For the master of this high specification tomb, since the unearthed so far, academia has not yet conclusive. Experts believe that, from the age, size and unearthed cultural relics, or tomb of Sun Quan clan. But because there is no direct correlation with the identity of the owner of the text information found in archaeological excavation, the tomb epitaph has not yet appeared, according to the current data is difficult to determine the identity of the tomb. According to some scholars tomb dome roof structure, belonging to the late king Sun Wu judge tomb or Hou tomb; there are traces of scholars were destroyed from the tomb that belongs to Sun Wu Sun Liang during the reign of the middle of the tomb of Sun Jun I. Recently, a visiting fellow at the Nanjing University Research Institute of cultural and natural heritage, Wang Ningbang believes that the tomb is the imperial mausoleum and tomb construction level, Sun Wu in the capital of King Jizhi, but Sun Wu’s "Gaoling", the tomb of the emperor Sun Quan the father of Sun Jian and Wu two lady. "On the square at the tomb from the excavation has attracted academic attention, which shows the important position. About who is the owner of the tomb, the scholars have carried on research from different angles, say coexist, should be worthy of respect." He Yunao said. According to the Nanjing Jiangning Science Park Management Committee staff, in the construction of the exhibition hall in the original tomb tomb site location, maximize unearthed state. Based on keeping the remains, try to restore the original fengtu.相关的主题文章:

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