More than and 500 doctors a year to become a world champion in Wenzhou face gossip

A year more than and 500 surgery Wenzhou doctor practice became a world champion in October 2nd, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician Zhao Yu, won the twenty-fifth session of the European Society of gynecologic endoscopy (ESGE) International Conference on laparoscopic championship. This news came from Brussels, also marks the hospital has reached the international level in the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology laparoscopic suturing technique. Since Zhao Yu won the international laparoscopic world champion, his nickname from "Huhuashizhe" became the Second Affiliated men of God, asked him to do the surgery have been lined up in December. Outpatient, surgery, teaching, he kept up with the wind like a busy day. Recently, Zhao Yu, an interview with reporters, secret Chinese Kung Fu to defeat the secrets of other countries master. The speed and accuracy of the contest only he finished the race in October 2nd, the 25 session of the European Society of gynecologic endoscopy (ESGE) International laparoscopic suture competition held in Brussels, belgium. 60 of the world’s top doctors took part in the race. As the sole representative of Chinese doctors, Zhao Yu this is the first time. In 2015 he China from more than 50 doctors break, get China division laparoscopic suture championship, and qualify for the International Finals, becoming the only Chinese representative. The first time to participate in the international competition, Zhao Yu ran with peers to learn. In his eyes, doctors from several European countries have a very good foundation and can learn a lot from them. The scene in the game, Zhao Yu wrapped in a flag headscarf, skillfully hand movements. The game lasted 3 hours, the athletes after laparoscopic operation, laparoscopic hand eye coordination game bimanual coordination operation competition, laparoscopic suture round layers of left and right hand out, Zhao Yu eventually enter the last round of laparoscopic suture speed and accuracy of game. According to reports, the fourth round of the highest degree of difficulty, the game needs to be completed within 10 minutes with a suture of 20 cm sewing needle 5. The time of technical difficulty, under the dual pressure of his country’s doctors have been defeated, but Zhao Yu successfully completed the game project done in one vigorous effort, only to become the scene of a mission to complete the player, she won the international championship of laparoscopic suture. After winning the game, usually reserved Zhao Yu in the circle of friends made an exciting information: after winning the biggest feeling is: "a word! Two words, very cool!" Forty or fifty a month a year more than and 500 surgery "in fact can participate in this competition, we are almost level, quite to the last is not just a technology, comprehensive ability and psychological quality." Zhao Yu said that his strong psychological quality depends on the accumulation of clinical experience. "National conditions are different, we are very common gynecological endoscopic surgery. I am basically a month 40-50 operation, more than and 500 sets a year. And foreign doctors, less chance of surgery a year." This time in the eyes of foreigners difficult suture surgery, Zhao Yu is not the most difficult surgery. "This level of difficulty, in peacetime work also encountered. We have a doctor’s circle, the most difficult surgery on clinical surgery, only more difficult." After Zhao Yu won the game, the Chinese delegation cheered. ESGE Chinese work led to participate in.相关的主题文章:

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