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Anti-Aging If you’re like a lot of women I know, you have a perennial problem: Gift ideas for men can be hard to find. Ties, tools, gadgets theres only so many times you can go there! Want to think outside the box? Well, if youre taking good care of your skin, why not give the guy in your life the same? Birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, think skin care products or think bigger, and spring for a cosmetic dermatology treatment! You have a wide range of choices for the man in your life. But first, let’s get one thing out of the way. Times have changed. Men are finally catching up with women in getting this important truth: Its OK to want to feel good about how you look! Were not just talking about that current clich, the metrosexual though of course the downtown, corporate male professional certainly knows a well-groomed appearance gives him the edge. No, its the norm for all kinds of men to be more conscious of the impression their appearance makes. Besides, who doesnt want to take care of their skin, for health and .fort? Now that we can all agree that microdermabrasion or a laser treatment doesnt pose a threat to anyones gender identity, let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. Men have some special skin care challenges and some of the very same concerns as their female friends. One special challenge is shaving. For men this can cause ingrown hairs, which can be really painful, especially on the neck. Laser hair removal is an excellent solution, so if your guy suffers from this nuisance, a series of laser treatments would make a great gift. Lasers use pulses of light energy that targets the pigment in darker and coarser hair follicles, and destroys them. Unlike other methods, laser hair removal is painless, with no unpleasant side effects like scarring. Relief at last from those collars that chafe the ingrown hairs! And then, something we all share, aging. Is there a man in your life whose skin is showing the years? Maybe its your dad, maybe its your life partner but have no doubt, men arent any happier about sagging skin and age spots than women are! (As a cosmetic dermatologist, I hear about it and you know I try the procedures and products on my own aging skin, too. I love the results, and the .pliments!) I have to re.mend Fraxel laser treatments to repair and refresh aging or sun-damaged skin its simply the best procedure out there. Be sure you ask for the genuine, latest-generation Fraxel laser, and choose a cosmetic dermatologist whose professional staff is trained in its use. This updated laser treatment targets damaged collagen cells in the middle skin layer, leaving the upper layer intact. It fades discoloration, shrinks enlarged pores, smoothes fine wrinkles and stimulates healthy cells to produce new collagen, tightening and toning the skin. Or, for skin dulled by a layer of excess dead skin cells, microdermabrasion can uncover an energetic, youthful radiance. One final word: Botox Cosmetic. It’s not just for women, and a lot of men already know it! Botox is safe and effective (you’ll want to be sure to work through a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and be sure you’re getting the genuine product, manufactured exclusively by Allergan, a legitimate and reputable pharmaceutical .pany). This approved, purified form of the drug Botulinum toxin actually relaxes muscles when injected directly into them, targeting the problem area with no effects beyond a few millimeters around the injection site. Results are outstanding. Gone are the scowl and squint lines that make him look old! So now that men are giving themselves permission to take care of themselves, the women who love them have a new range of gifting options. Why not give mens skin care, to show you care? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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