Mediterranean tour Belgian rider won the world first

Mediterranean tour Belgian rider won the world first failed game style game in Spain local time on February 21st, Oliva 2016 MET Mediterranean tour in spring second weeks of the end of the game, the Belgian rider Constant van Paesschen Carlow Van de riding his new partner Helle with zero penalty 37 seconds 65 won CHG2 star Grand Prix title, and won 30 thousand champions the bonus of the euro. French rider Harold Boisset in 0.12 seconds, narrowly finished second, Sweden ran Bengtsson rider Oak rider Rolf-G? Grove ‘s Heartfelt ran out of 38 seconds 23 results, ranked third in the final. "I’m happy to be with Carlow ‘fight’, he runs fast, I can’t believe that he can have such a fast speed, so I feel very happy." Van Paesschen said in an interview after the game, "I began in October last year to have this horse love colt, then I took him to attend the 2015MET Mediterranean tour in autumn season, we also took partner performance Grand Prix second and third before the 2016 spring season. The game last week, we regret to fall in the play offs an obstacle, but this week we played better and won the championship. I have confidence in my partner and my new partner." At least 83 pairs of men have participated in the CHG2 star Grand Prix, but only 19 pairs have gone through the first round test into the playoffs. The play offs, the first in the world, Britain’s Scott Brash debut, Hello Guv nor "he ridden with zero penalty score set a benchmark for the rest of the rider, but 42. 97 seconds is not outstanding, but also to the appearance of the rider behind the opportunity beyond. The appearance of the Messiah in the grand prix winner Zoe Conter last week, in 40 seconds, finishing 40. Constant van Paesschen goes on half a second after the game. From the beginning of the first obstacle, he showed a strong desire to win, and the first three obstacles between the "seamless connection" is the basis for his victory lay, he finally by 0.12 seconds. Take the first two weeks of champions. 2016 spring tour MET Mediterranean will be followed by third week, the riders will continue in Spain Oliva and their horses to spend a wonderful week. (equestrian network in ring)

地中海巡回赛比利时骑手夺冠 世界第一无功而返 赛场风采   当地时间2月21日,2016年MET地中海巡回赛春季赛在西班牙奥利瓦结束第二周的比赛,比利时骑手Constant van Paesschen策骑他的新伙伴Carlow van de Helle以零罚分37秒65的成绩斩获CHG2星级大奖赛桂冠,并赢得3万欧元的冠军奖金。法国骑手Harold Boisset以0.12秒的微弱劣势屈居第二,瑞典骑手Rolf-G?ran Bengtsson策骑Oak Grove’s Heartfelt跑出38秒23的成绩,最终位列第三。   “我很高兴今天能与Carlow‘并肩作战’,他跑的很快,以至于我都不敢相信他居然能有如此迅捷的速度,为此我感到非常高兴。” Van Paesschen在赛后接受采访时说道,“我是去年10月份开始才拥有的这匹爱驹,然后我带他去参加了2015MET地中海巡回赛秋季赛的比赛,我们在2016年春季赛之前也搭档拿下过大奖赛第二和第三的成绩。上一周的比赛,我们在附加赛中很遗憾地打落一个障碍,但是这周我们发挥的更加出色,拿下冠军。我对我的这个搭档、新伙伴充满信心。”   至少有83对人马组合参加了CHG2星级大奖赛的争夺,但仅有19对人马组合通过首轮考验,进入到附加赛中。   附加赛中,世界第一、英国名将Scott Brash率先登场,他策骑Hello Guv’nor以零罚分的成绩为其余的骑手树立一个标杆,但是42秒97的成绩并不突出,也给了后面出场的骑手超越的机会。随后出场的是上周大奖赛亚军得主Zoe Conter,以40秒40的成绩完赛。   Constant van Paesschen在附加赛后半段出场。从第一个障碍开始,他就表现出强烈的求胜欲望,而前三个障碍物之间的“无缝连接”则为他奠定胜利的基础,最终他以0.12秒的优势拿下第二周的冠军。   2016年MET地中海巡回赛春季赛随后将进行第三周的赛事,骑手们也将继续在西班牙的奥利瓦与他们的马儿共度美妙的一周。   (环中马术网)相关的主题文章:

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