Meat CP Encore classic lovers Chen back to the pro Jia Ling (video)

"Meat" CP Encore classic lovers Chen back to the pro Jia Ling Chen heart deduction Tencent entertainment news 20:30 Saturday night, a large variety of comedy comedy contest "Nemo" phase third will be broadcast on Zhejiang tv. "Meat" CP Chen Jia Ling to join the adaptation of new stories, creative. Among them, Chen fun comedy stage, he not only speak lines full of emotion poke the point of tears, is reproduced amusing hiccups Nirvana style, mutation can not help but is looking forward to live performances. Chen fun comedy heart tears and interpretation of bursting point and the existence of this program, four groups of players will usher in the first knockout, and fierce competition for promotion. In the trailer official Chen, wearing a white coat a dark vest, handsome yet simple, and the interpretation of a "Nine" related stories and Jia ling. Just a few seconds from the lens, when the two met Jia Ling he was pushed to the ground, to embrace each other to feelings at the outbreak of "kiss" scene, Chen was changing, the character of complex inner emotional expression. As the camera forward, when Chen was asked how long have not seen, he affectionately replies, "long time" speech way impressive expression gradual and profound. At the last moment, Chen did not forget the funny character, with "hiccups" to end the kiss, seamless switching style is full of expectations. After seeing the notice, users have a message that is directed at Chen Jia Ling watching the program, each time the adaptation and performance are pleasantly surprised". "The comedy story" rosy ratings Chen acting online creative "comedy story" has aired two ratings continue to rise. It is worth mentioning that Chen is a wonderful performance is sit up and take notice. After he starred in the subversion of the classic character Jack, sparked heated debate on micro-blog, fans get the same point praise. After the release of the poster, Chen Hyuk from behind Jia Ling, sad eyes. Different from the two person in the interpretation of "Titanic" dock embracing the scene, although this is similar to the embrace, but Chen look different than before, people on the development of the story to fall into a reverie. Chen Hyuk "Jack" and will bring the classic role? This Saturday evening 20:30, lock Zhejiang TV let us wait and see. The incarnation of Jia Ling Marysu Chen Liao lady mad! The two comedy salute "Titanic"相关的主题文章:

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