Luneng national security Wang Yongpo, lack of training Zheng Zheng German surgery back in dxperience

Wang Yongpo Li Wei, the lack of training and national security Luneng Luneng will return Germany Zheng Zheng surgery Zhan Guoan Ji’nan Qilu network September 23rd news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) this Sunday, Taishan Luneng away with the national security of the game started, the game’s attention to natural needless to say, the 23 day Shandong fans the responsible person also came to the the national security of security, traffic and even home court dress will open the relevant coordination, currently around 1000 Luneng fans will appear in Beijing, cheer for the Taishan team. This afternoon to prepare for training, Wang Yongpo and Li Wei missed training, so the lack of war national security may be relatively large, it is reported that on the morning of 24 nine point Luneng team will be rushed to Beijing to prepare for war, jinglu. Played 25 times in the Super League Luneng Guoan Guoan both scored 8 wins 8 flat 9 negative, slightly disadvantage. In one of the 12 home games, Guoan won 8 wins, 5 draws and 2 negative results. In the week of the game, Beijing Guoan home court beat Yanbian 3-0 flight, but in the face of two games a week of nature is not a small challenge. But this season Luneng lackluster performance, 12 road games only get 2 wins 3 flat 7 negative, two rounds of league game winless after 27 points, ahead of the bottom second Changchun Yatai 4 points, not completely avoid relegation. Just for this game, the team’s goal is very strong, that is, with the score back to Shandong, the team’s main lineup has not been affected by injuries. After a minor song dragon at present have been recovered, can participate in the training, before a knee operation in Germany left back Zheng Zheng return, recovery from the rest of the season the League missed the debut. Before Luneng winger Liu Binbin suffered serious injuries, has been identified, the meniscus tear Liu Binbin will go to Germany at the end of the month of operation, this season also missed the remaining League, strive to catch up with the winter training.相关的主题文章:

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