Lu Huiming Ren nine miners single stable win Schalk home difficult to win 3-9c8921

Lu Huiming Ren nine: miners single win Schalk home win difficult to win any of the nine line of fire on, Thursday, welcome to receive free recommended by WeChat, 20160929. Yesterday 2 string of 1, the process of adventure. Eggs. 3 of the 3, it looks more capricious, red anyway. Today, SMG 2 string 1 single: 022  Austria Vienna VS Pilsen   recommended: 3 024  VS   SA Thoreau Genk; recommended: 3-0 I bought 25 times 100 yuan 2 on 1. Optimization is as follows: 33 to buy a note of 24, 30 to buy a note of 26, a bonus of about $312. Nine for Manchester United and Rome two deep dish, seems to be seven, the risk is also very difficult to return, see: Ajax 01  31 02  3 03  3 04  absenteeism; Claes 09  Feneba; Schalke 01; 13 10  3 12  Ze Nita Manchester; 3 13  3 14  in Rome; bi Pakistan 316 yuan, forget it, or buy. 3 election too much, not too dare to Florence. The other 4, very close. Please pay more attention to Lu Huiming’s WeChat public number luhuiming888相关的主题文章:

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