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Lin Chaoxian talks about "the Mekong": Hongkong mainland director X major Sina entertainment news Dante Lam [micro-blog] * * * story no longer commonplace. In the summer of 1984, Lin Chaoxian, who was in the summer vacation, opened the newspaper and saw a company asking for a civil service. He was glad to go there. Well appointed, Dante Lam entered the "best partner Lam Trinidad rescue she" cast, but has not been set. The real contact is set in Benny Chan’s first novel "Romance" crew, was also involved in Johnny To’s New Year movie "eight Star News", but still not what feeling for a movie. After a few years to shoot advertising, and then come back, he met Gordon Chan [micro-blog] film company in Jiahe, "at the time that the director Chen is not the same as before, with are not the same, relatively new, school, I love the atmosphere." After this, Dante Lam and Gordon Chan cooperation "beast Cops" brought the first Hongkong occupation career award trophy for him, Lin Chaoxian also opened a creative peak, "danger", "Jianghu love planet" is full of Reiki works, the former is more anti genre works, still for Hong Kong many relish. After he took a "passion", "thousand jibian", "" clear film and other types of charge into the enemy ranks, the market reaction is good. So if talking about works in recent years, Dante Lam audience will be divided into two categories, a kind of pleased that his consciousness of the author in the strengthening, while holding the millennium that several works, waiting for Lin Chaoxian one day turn back, the next city, become the author director and master, but he seems to have. In the type of standard farther away. Lin Chaoxian in Hong Kong arena status is certainly not low, industry awards Hongkong Film Awards repeatedly favored him, last year he directed the "broken wind" more in Hongkong as representatives to participate in the race for best foreign film Oscar. But it seems that he is always not on a level, such as being a like Johnny To, like Wong Kar Wai, who has appeared on a screaming bigwigs director. For these, Lin Chaoxian said that in fact he rarely think about these things, because the entry is done in the staff, "and before the movie is very difficult, is also very simple, you do not to step forward, not only do this step." Last year, the 50 year old Lin Chaoxian from the Bona film hands adapted "Mekong major", before that, from John Boehner included several big state-owned enterprises, the film’s talent shows itself from the Ministry of public security, hand under the project. Lin Chaoxian still feel no way to shoot down to earth in the mainland drama, but took a major mainland movie. Good is the hundreds of thousands of recordings, video, and outside the reach of top secret information, Dante Lam can get, but torture is the script modification time is very long, "go to the best situation is, I think if they want to change, I will not take." "Because everyone is very clear, not to shoot a promo, not the main theme of the film, if this is the case, it should not look for me. I think they’re looking for me, that’s it相关的主题文章:

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