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Laugh cry! The history of the NBA 10 funny shooting posture Austria fat on the list of sina sports news in the history of NBA never lack God shooter, sharpshooter shooting posture often refreshing, like a textbook like smooth, but with the league, scary people than people. There are some NBA stars do not take the unusual way, have become an independent school shooting form, each hand with, let us now Pa Pa NBA history ten most funny shooting posture. No.10 O’neal has broken the buckle basket "the shark" O’neal inside at the enemy’s dominance of unmanned, but at a time when he was free throws, teammates silently wipe the tears, but opponents secretly. Every time in O’neal before shooting, he would love to touch his forehead, and then hand the ball into the basket, the basket is still difficult to enter the ball. O’neal had tried everything to save freethrows technology, but the face of the opponent’s "shark cut" tactics, he is still mired in endless troubles, in his occupation career, O’neal’s hit rate is only 52.7%. No.9 Michael – Adams when Adams came to NBA, who did not think the 1.8 meters are not short, even in the NBA to make a difference, especially with his single handed shooting strange posture, a bit like a shot posture. His study is three points, often one hand shot, even the assistant have once handed over a single season averaging 26.5 points and 10.5 assists amazing performance. No.8 Andreas – Biedrins shooting posture and O’neal Biedrins can agree without prior without previous consultation. The most important is, as O’neal hot eyes the extent of his shooting hand type, is "piecewise freethrows" holders. 10 career career hit rate of 13.6%, free throw hit rate of 50%. Looking at Andreas’s shot, the coach is crazy. No.7 – Toni Allen called "Kobe terminator" Toni – Allen three points for each shot, you cried and cried and laughed, his fadeaway posture as throwing solid balls. And he is shooting, three point ball terminator opponent shame, has an excellent perimeter defense. No.6 Mutombo Mutombo just in to eat their own "Hot pot" cap after finger opponent, also think about the love life in free throws before. Be careful! Uncle Mu is not acting! Not acting in a play! The penalty before him to transport the ball three times, but not three times, but each time after shipment to poker-faced at a glance like a basket, praying for punishment, the pious little eyes yo, then take a deep breath and throw out. No.5 Nuo A and Mutombo, Nuo A is an excellent defensive player, but on the offensive end, his shooting is to make people laugh, in the middle and long distance shooting, Nuo A used the classic "38" shot, contributed a three off for the team. No.4 don Nelson Don – Nelson as one of the hall of fame stars相关的主题文章:

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