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Know the travel companion, a long time to see the hard and soft – Sohu tourism last week made a star travel style, then returned home to attend a party, everyone agrees that "two people can travel together, finally not laosibuxiangwanglai, is close to death." Then one night reminisced into a variety Tucao and dog abuse, from themselves, to their colleagues and friends, and friends of friends, friends of friends colleagues cousin sister…… I sort out the system, we come together to talk about these roads decided to split the episode. Another close to death [type] left pony plan for more than a month in Taiwan for seven days, but on the road, Zuo Xiaoma is a cold and have a fever, my boyfriend wasn’t, can stop comfort can also be said that the next time, the way to take care of her, buy medicine with the doctor, so this line of Taiwan, they ran the most is the hospital, do the most is the infusion, eat the most is easy to see, when running back and forth boyfriend Zuo Xiaoma said, is the moment that he. [left] bestie pony colleagues in the story to climb Taishan, Zuo Xiaoma colleagues bestie insisted on their own climb to be meaningful, but her boyfriend will want to sit in the cable car, one of Zuo Xiaoma’s colleagues pique bestie slowly climb, climb the side is uncomfortable, the results finally climbed, saw her boyfriend sitting on the stairs in front of a shop, picnic and a bunch of roses, and a glittering diamond ring, she didn’t know what time he is ready, I saw her boyfriend slowly stood up and said, "before you life is their own path, from now on, let me accompany you." [package] package is a typical IT Indoorsman, though and I are friends, but he was never concerned about my trip, because he is not interested in tourism, but fate, he has a girlfriend – outdoor travel, often to help friends weekend outdoor tour package, afraid she was abducted, a time went along the mountains on foot, the foot caikong scratched leg, his girlfriend without demur, turned professional nurses, scrub dressing, also helped him down the mountain, this cheese swear, must marry home. [small] bin brother Xiaobin brother is an avid fan of photography, his girlfriend looks very weak, every brother Xiaobin to photography, as long as there is time, his girlfriend will go quietly beside. There is a small bin brother with a hilltop tent to the sky, his girlfriend went to the night, his girlfriend shivers, without complaining, in a sleeping bag head out at the little brother little brother Bin Bin pictures, said, "shoot the stars turned around, she saw only her small head and a pair of big eyes seriously looking at you, touching", is willing to accompany you to love to do things together, than what are rare, half a year later, his girlfriend a wife. [small] small leather leather process first went on tour with her boyfriend, the same boat, four couples wearing snorkeling equipment, small Pigang his clothes looked up. Her boyfriend disappeared, the lead brother Cheng small leather sail smile said her boyfriend don’t she, Cheng small leather watch another man was helping a woman get such as check, angry shouting into the sea a little shadow not her boyfriend, she only.相关的主题文章:

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