Jiangsu Yan illegal sales of land of steel detention 10 accountability 5 cadres (video) www.274300.cn

Jiangsu Yan illegal sales of "ground of steel" detained 10 people accountable cadres 5 people a week ago, steel and coal industry to resolve overcapacity and the office of the inter ministerial joint meeting informed Xinyi city development work out small mills illegal production and sale of "land of steel". Reporters learned yesterday, at present, the enterprises involved production equipment and simple factories have been demolished, officials and relevant departments of Xinyi City, Wayao town where accountability. The relevant departments of the province once again clear, "steel" to crack down on the illegal production capacity, must be forced to shut down, not to resolve the overcapacity category, decomposition to the capacity to resolve tasks to be completed in hundred-percent. Located in the town of Xinyi City Huada Wayao small steel mills, without the project, the EIA, the use of obsolete equipment backward secretly illegal production of land of steel". In order to avoid supervision by law enforcement departments, the factory has repeatedly changed the legal representative. Since 2011, local economic development and Reform Commission, the Environmental Protection Bureau, market supervision bureau and other departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of Huada small steel production, shutting down power, repeatedly issued a notice of punishment, but in the implementation process due to lack of supervision, and since March of this year, crude steel market prices, driven by the interests of Huada Co. that night the illegal production of intermittent phenomenon. The office of the inter ministerial joint meeting of the September 12th issue of the "bulletin" pointed out that the Xinyi small steel project belongs to the illegal construction, the main production equipment for all the state explicitly eliminated outdated equipment, environmental pollution problems, the product is completely belongs to the country to crack down on the "steel" category, there are more serious quality problems, but also interfere with the normal the order of production and operation area of the steel market. According to relevant laws, regulations and national industrial policy, should be severely punished. The illegal production of small steel mills was exposed, Xuzhou Province, according to the law to investigate, Xinyi city to start the disposal and rectification work. In addition to the dismantling of production equipment, plant, the serious investigation of corporate legal responsibility. In July 29th, the public security organs of Huada small mills suspected environmental problems of producing and selling shoddy products and pollution investigation, the person in charge of Huang Zhenru and Huang Youming directly responsible, Huang Xiuhe has been under criminal detention, and another 7 people at large, has Internet hunt; downstream distributors suspected of selling fake products have 7 people under criminal detention, and another 3 people on bail on bail. According to the Department of supervision, Xinyi municipal Party committee, municipal government quickly start the accountability process, at the end of July to Wayao town mayor, economic development and Reform Commission and the environmental protection bureau responsible person in charge of making removal treatment. At the same time to start the investigation procedure accountable, shall be removed from positions of Wayao town Party Secretary Lin Qiuhong, expelled from the party on the Wayao town mayor Qian Shengli and deputy director of market supervision administration of the peak; the municipal development and Reform Commission Economic responsible person in charge Yang given administrative dismissal punishment; administrative demerit of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Liu Jian. Among them, the money won, peak 2 level cadres, suspected of dereliction of duty, on August 17th investigation by prosecutors. Xuzhou City, Xinyi City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant level leadership also started accountability procedures. Reporters learned that, at present, Xinyi is being carried out to clean up small steel and other backward production capacity of enterprises to focus on special rectification, and the original has shut down 2 small steel mills to dismantle the main production equipment. Xinyi municipal government相关的主题文章:

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