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Jeremy or the last 10 matches back Scott Bianzhen is so capricious – Sohu sports Jeremy Lin   from the March 16th Beijing time news, "Lakers nation" reported that the Lakers coach Byron – Scott plan, perhaps in the end of the regular season 10 games for Jeremy Lin sent back again. As for Jeremy Lin’s return to the start of the specific time point, is not sure. The Lakers will be at home today against the Hawks, Jordan – Clarkson will be the twenty-second consecutive start, Zijin team 4 other starters are Wayne – Ellington, Wesley – Johnson, Jordan – Hill and Tariq – Blake. But Scott revealed that he plans to turn Jeremy Lin and Ryan Kelly back to the starting line-up. "I want to see how it’s different from the beginning of the season," Scott said. "He (Jeremy Lin) knows more about offensive tactics and knows what I want him to do every night at both ends of the offense and defense. Now, looking at him as the starting role, there will be a little change. At the beginning of the season, he thought too much. Now, he just plays." Before the regular 19 games, Jeremy Lin served as the starting point guard, but then his starting position was replaced by Ronnie – Preiss. This season as the first 23 games, Jeremy Lin field handed over 11.6 points and 5 assists data. As a substitute for the 40 ball, Jeremy Lin field has 10.6 points, 4.6 help to enter the account. By contrast, Clarkson did well in the first place, averaging 14 points and 4.1 assists. This season, in the Lakers’ poor record, Clarkson has become the focus of training; and Jeremy Lin will be a free agent this summer. Scott explained that the regular season ending stage let Clarkson substitute, want to see the ranking of the new round of performance in different roles. "I just wanted to see what Clarkson did when he was on the bench," Scott said. "Look what he can do." (Jim) 书豪或最后10场回首发 斯科特变阵就是这么任性-搜狐体育 林书豪    北京时间3月16日消息,来自《湖人国度》的报道称,湖人队主帅拜伦-斯科特计划,或许在常规赛最后10场让林书豪重回首发。   至于林书豪重回首发的具体时间点,目前并不确定。湖人队今日将在主场对阵老鹰队,乔丹-克拉克森将连续第22场首发,紫金球队另外4名首发是韦恩-艾灵顿、韦斯利-约翰逊、乔丹-希尔和塔里克-布雷克。   不过斯科特透露,他计划将林书豪和瑞恩-凯利调整回首发。“我想看看现在和赛季初期相比有何不同,”斯科特说道,“他(林书豪)对进攻战术更加了解,也清楚我希望他每晚在攻防两端打出怎样的表现。如今看他出任首发角色,会有一点点改变。赛季初期,他想的太多了。现在,他只管打球。”   常规赛前19场,林书豪都担任首发控卫,但之后他的首发位置被罗尼-普莱斯取代。本赛季作为首发打的23场球,林书豪场均交出11.6分5助攻的数据。而作为替补的40场球,林书豪场均有10.6分4.6助攻入账。   相比之下,克拉克森在成为首发后表现优异,场均拿下14分4.1助攻。本赛季在湖人队战绩不佳的背景下,克拉克森成为重点培养的对象;而林书豪今夏将成为完全自由球员。   斯科特解释道,之所以常规赛收官阶段让克拉克森打替补,是想看看这名次轮新秀在扮演不同角色时的表现。“我只是想看看克拉克森打替补时的表现,”斯科特说道,“看看他能提供怎样的表现。”(jim)相关的主题文章:

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