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Japan’s financial industry dignity and lonely enlightenment: banking firms fear into the spoiler: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in Haitong Securities non bank team author Sun Ting for the same Chinese insurance company. We judge the next 3 years, the domestic insurance company profit pressure, the cost of debt and rigid investment income rate dropped significantly, a small amount of short-term interest loss may not be unfounded. During the investigation of Tokyo, coincides with the CIRC issued new restrictions in the short duration of product development, when capital market estimates the stock market outflow, in my heart secretly for such a policy is not good, if strict supervision, the insurance companies will probably like the ten insurance companies in Japan in 2000 as the near collapse. At the moment, sitting at Haneda airport back to Beijing gate. From the check-in to pass with less than five minutes, the high efficiency makes me hard to accept, leading to full two hours at the gate. Looking out of the window, but the clouds clear, this almost transparent air will probably be our deepest for miss japan. Ashamed to say, wrote a lot of reports related to the Japanese financial industry, but it is the first time to set foot on this land. The research on the economic development we originated from the stagnation of negative interest rates and the double impact of the Internet business under the traditional Japanese financial industry attention, hope for the long-term development of the enterprise financial China judgment help. In fact, hearsay discredited, personally, to read and talked about it, only to find some ideas and most probably it did not actually happen all kinds of literature is how talking. First, say something else for the first impression of Japan, but we often say that the dry static, orderly and so on, is "old". Taxi is too expensive, out of the subway. On the year of the subway station, will tell the glory of the past Empire and the vicissitudes of life, narrow space without air conditioning, the peak congestion level exactly with Beijing. The carriage was completely silent, and all the clothes were all black and white, and the company’s black striped shirts seemed too garish. China labor utilization rate is insufficient, although we also face problems of aging, but compared to Japan really cannot be mention in the same breath. From the hotel to the airport by taxi driver is a sixty year old grandfather, after the car stopped a trot to help us push the luggage cart, and help us out of the luggage from the trunk, let us feel shy very deferential. The service industry of the older practitioners everywhere, one day to eat a grandma by more than 70 years of age, we think in the discussion of the 60 or 65 year old retired now that some hypocritical. My friend said, the securities business department of the company staff working hours are five a.m. to ten p.m., the day night running customers every day to do deskwork Commission task, finish will be a collective lecture, now with the domestic similar insurance agent. The income of the securities practitioners is only slightly higher than the social average. After listening to the same people sigh: back to the company to work harder…… China’s strong, Chinese employment opportunities in Japan increased significantly. From the side, the basis of theory相关的主题文章:

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