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J Jerzy Goss 3 week ban with Australian Association refused to disclose the psychological details of J Jerzy Goss sina sports news Beijing on November 7th news, Australian tennis officials, doubles legend Wood Buri said that J Jerzy Goss has received psychotherapy for 3 weeks now, the ban is full, can return to the tour. As shown in the last month of the second round of the Shanghai masters and fans of the negative attitude of choking behavior, kayinni Gauss was suspended for 8 weeks ATP punishment. But ATP also said that if J Jerzy Goss agreed to accept the guidance of experts in sports psychology or the same type of auxiliary plan approved by ATP, the ban can be reduced to 3 weeks. "His 3 week ban full, as long as he is willing, you can return to the tour." Wood Buri said in an interview with reporters on Monday, but he did not know the specific details of psychological counseling. "I don’t know about it. According to the plan, it is necessary to seek the help of sports psychology experts to analyze all his actions on the court and on the court. But I do not know who he was looking for experts, but also do not know the specific process." For details of J Jerzy Goss therapy, but has been carefully conceal mentioning australia. Another tennis legend Luft in office has been away from the media. ATP said the details of the treatment are confidential information. Wood Buri believes that the 3 week ban is fair. "I believe everyone agrees that he should be punished. Now that the punishment is over, we look forward to his performance in the new year." Although Wood Bridge Gauss will not promise kayinni but he believes that this too observant of conventional standards., through a series of events, J Jerzy Goss will be more mature. "He’s going to have a good time, and that’s why he has a lot to do with his game, and he’s up to now. I am sure he will be more responsive to the tour and the media, sponsors and others. Next year he’s a year older, better able to deal with everything." The ATP tour is only the end of the year, so J Jerzy Goss is ready for the 2017 season. He will attend the Hopman Cup warm-up for the Australian open. (Chen)相关的主题文章:

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