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It is a year of winter came to   the breakdown of household appliances – home appliance — original title: accompany you spend the winter is a winter to accompany you spend the winter home around the hot summer just past, still feel cool in autumn, the two day Empire buddy is put vertical winds the days of decline must be at a loss what to do, tell us the temperature in winter season is coming, the upcoming winter you prepared to spend? Go out in the outside can all wear long johns; at home is not only a humidifier, electric heating, and other home appliances can accompany you spend comfortable winter, what are the practical appliance? If you don’t say much, let’s wait and see! Every winter came around to accompany you through winter home of the 1 Hisense 50 inch colorful 4K smart TV to say the winter the most comfortable thing, than there is a large snowflakes, blowing air conditioning, covered with a blanket, watching TV at home. So a good TV is indispensable, Hisense LED50EC660US is a 50 inch 4K ultra high-definition smart TV, the TV circuit design and the process of re conception, in order to create light luxury minimalist design, Hisense uses the ELED backlight design, and re design of each interface and its basic structure, not only let the TV become more and more good to hear or see, comfortable operating experience. The design of Hisense LED50EC660US smart TV good for a good product this Hisense LED50EC660US TV with 4K ultra high-definition display panel, with silver narrow border design, can be displayed to the visual focus of the user, so as to achieve the picture detail delicate vivid, image quality lucidity. More than 8 million 290 thousand pixels, the picture is clear and sharp collar. In order to achieve 4K Ultra HD reality and more distinctive brightness and contrast, the TV with a colorful 4K+ display system and HDR display technology, and equipped with 64 core CPU and 14 core hardware solutions. Instead of being lighter, thinner, more fluid and more engaging, it sets a higher standard for thin tv. Using 4K color enhancement technology 0D dimming control, LED backlight according to the image is sensitive to the change of optimize and improve dynamic image contrast, 4K signal processing chip output directly drive 4K display screen display screen, each frame can be good to hear or see. Experience HDR comfortable equipped with powerful performance are excellent chip appearance so that the screen display technology most incisive editor comments: this TV hardware equipped with a quad core A53 architecture is also very good, 64 bit CPU rich its more powerful force. It can be a large network game, the image processor six Mali450 equipped with quad core NEON processor, running speed and strong nuclear with clear image processing, movies and games that you love, more P. Jingdong is now available, the original price of 13 yuan, and 3499 yuan and the next single to reduce the amount of $100, turnover相关的主题文章:

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