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UnCategorized Your eyes locked and it was love at first sight. The next thing you knew, the two of you were dancing in the moonlight and simply having a great time together. But all of a sudden something seems off. It seems as if he is hiding a part of his life from you, which can bring about the question, "Is he married?" Of course you don’t even want to fathom that the guy you’re dating is married. He has been nice to you, he has showered you with gifts, and he has told you that he just might love you. But what is he hiding? So is the guy you’re dating married? If you’re not sure, look for these signs: * Has he told you that he is separated, recently divorced, or his wife died? These could be true, but you also have to associate this question with any inconsistencies in his stories. If he tells you one day that he is separated, but says, "since my wife died" another day, you just might have a married man on your hands. * Look very closely at his left ring finger. There are many men who don’t wear rings, but there are also many who do. Look to see if he has a tan line or an imprint on his finger that suggests there has been a ring there. * You can use a line suggesting that his wife may not like him talking to another pretty woman. Of course he is going to lie if he is married, but his body language is going to say it all. He will withdraw any eye contact by looking off to the side or looking down. * Listen to what others are saying. Some women don’t want to believe that the chitter chatter they are hearing is true. If you hear the word "wife" come out of someone’s mouth and they’re looking right at him, you know you have a cheater standing or sitting in front of you. So is he married? If you’re still not sure, you can always go for the background check. That’s probably the best thing you can do without following him around and being deemed a stalker. You definitely don’t want to have that label thrown on you. Then there’s the fact that you may find out that he is not married, but lose him due to the fact you were caught following him. The list can go on and on as for the things that can go wrong. If someone asks you, "Is the guy you’re dating married" and they say they’re asking because they heard some things, that is another sign. You just have to be open to virtually anything. Many women become so intrigued by their new boyfriend that they don’t want anything to go wrong. They will dismiss "rumors" that may be fact. Make sure this does not happen to you. You can spare yourself from a lot of emotional grief. About the Author: It’s never a pleasant situation to be in but if you doubt the truth of the person you are seeing, you need to take action. None of us want to be proved right; we just want some honesty in our relationships. Luckily there are ways and means to find the truth for ourselves, so if you’re wondering "is my boyfriend married" keep reading because I have the answers here – Is He Married Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章:

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