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IPhone  7   purchase strategy; reading can spend less time and money (Figure –IT–) people.com.cn original title: kidney enough sell? Hematemesis finishing iPhone7 buy Raiders as the year’s most anticipated flagship mobile phone, iPhone7 7 Plus at the Beijing time September 8th morning officially released. I believe that both opponents or fans, finally breathed a sigh of relief. The moment comes, finally no longer always on tenterhooks. At this point, what configuration, technology is not important, the most important thing is how to do them. Although many of my friends around the purchase of such a product is refused, but the body is very honest". So how to quickly buy a new generation of iPhone7 7 Plus, but also do not have too much bleeding, the following author for everyone to stay up late to sort out the iPhone7 7 Plus raiders. Tmall was the first to make an appointment, take it to clear the interest free installment version and price specifications, iPhone7 7 Plus canceled the previous 16GB version and 64GB version, it is replaced by 32GB and 256GB versions, while maintaining the 128GB version, that is to say, the iPhone7 Plus 32GB 128GB 256GB 7 a total of three specifications. I believe there are a lot of friends to see the 32GB version is enough, but really so? Don’t be happy too early, because the 32GB version may not be enough. IPhone7 added a new function, which is to support 60fps 4K video capture, video quality iPhone 6S 4K compared to the previous 30fps on the increase, so the storage space of the mobile phone requirements also will increase, and want to experience it, 32GB is not enough, the 128GB version is started, so we still don’t look for the wonderful, don’t buy it. IPhone7 iPhone7 and Plus 32GB have 128GB 256GB Version (pictures from theverge) and iPhone7 iPhone7 price, Plus price and the generation of the iPhone phase rose slightly, the author found the official website login apple Chinese, iPhone7 32GB version, 128GB version and the 256GB version of the bare metal price was 5388 yuan, 6188 yuan and 6988 yuan. The corresponding three iPhone7 Plus bare metal price was 6388 yuan, 7188 yuan, 7988 yuan. Of particular note is that the iPhone7 32GB 256GB version of the previous generation iPhone 6S 64GB version of the 128GB compared to the price of 100 yuan per share rose, while the iPhone7 Plus rose even more, or $300 ($). Although it seems that the price increases, but due to the corresponding increase in memory)相关的主题文章:

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