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In the future will be able to pay by phone to take the subway? The Chengdu subway company to respond to the new network – yesterday, the Chengdu subway company made a number of recommendations on the centralized reply, the CPPCC proposal, which said, will actively promote the mobile phone payment scheme of subway ride, who will consider the pay tickets, mobile phone recharge function, the follow-up will be integrated into a phased implementation of the use of mobile phone payment function by subway. The implementation of mobile phone recharge payment ticket and the reporter learned that, on the subway station set up eye-catching logo, the company opened in accordance with the "marks" city rail transit service and the "Chengdu city rail transit network design guidelines" guidance system requirements in line 1, the station outside the road surface was designed and tender. With the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the Municipal Construction Committee and other relevant departments of communication and coordination, and has completed 1 line No. 1 site (Fairy Lake Station), the No. 2 line west extension line of 3 stations (Baicao Road, Tianhe Road and Xipu), East extension line of 9 stations (Hui Wang Ling, Honghe, Chengdu School of administration and large shop, even hillside, Jiepai, Long Ping Road, Longquanyi, room 4) and Route 4 station (Heritage Expo, Cai Qiao, Zhongba, Chengdu west station) leads the installation work. Later, the company will actively associated with the municipal government departments of communication and coordination, after approval by the city center station jointly promote external lead landing work. On the opening of the Chengdu Metro APP mobile phone "function of the subway, the company said the Tianfu company has launched electronic wallet air recharge function, but the need to use NFC enabled mobile phone, download the APP software to achieve the specified. Take the subway and pay in the mobile phone, there is no successful precedent in China, Chengdu Metro is actively exploring technology solutions and technology manufacturers seek cooperation, actively promote the research of mobile phone payment scheme by subway. Chengdu Metro will consider the implementation of mobile payment tickets, recharge function, the follow-up will be taken into account in a phased implementation of the use of mobile phone payment function by subway. The station of Metro Line 4 will have the vegetable shop can also take the subway way to buy a la carte, Chengdu Metro will be planning to join the network sale, net sales of agricultural products in the opening of the new subway line 4 station shop, convenient travel, meet passenger demand in many aspects of life. Chengdu subway company said that since the beginning of the construction of the Chengdu Metro Line 1, the use of some of the subway station station room to set up a rich space to meet the needs of the passengers. At present, Chengdu Metro Line 1, line 2 has 17 sites totaling 70 rental shops, opened 57 shops, shops operating areas including supermarkets, bakeries, clinics, beverage, books, communication, and other types of food, some shops such as Yingbin Avenue station, Hong River Station, because the station passenger flow is small, temporary do not have the conditions for lease. The Chengdu subway will be planned in the opening of the new line 4 8 stations, a total of 43 uniform shops open for leasing. In the leasing scheme, will co-ordinate the introduction of new service formats, in addition to the convenience store, bakery and other conventional business areas, will join the net sale network, agricultural products, rich underground facilities. (reporter Yuan Hong)相关的主题文章:

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