In G20, Ford Europe Rui stunning eight side guests.

In G20, Ford Europe eight visitors stunning Rui way on -5 September 4th, 2016 G20 World Summit held in Hangzhou on schedule. A Chinese and western wall, the magnificent G20 welcome party stunning the world with the sights and sounds of wind, very China international fan, summit designated business car – Ford transit not only with the pattern of subversion of the European core concept cars of traditional design, innovation, configuration, green power is a new interpretation of modern business, with the ultimate comfort and safety of sincerity welcome international friends, Jiangling show Ford corporate style. The art of writing China story, Rui Ou sincerity hospitality international friends. G20 welcome party, with Zhao Cong playing the pipa seamless "moonlit night" "tea picking dance", Lv Siqing violin "beautiful love story", on the surface of the water in West Lake staged the ballet "Swan Lake"…… And every picture is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting art perfectly, stunning the world each are a sound subversion of the art of the past. Just as the subversion of the traditional MPV way Ford Rui Europe, with the pattern of concept cars give full passengers comfortable spacious seating space, sincere hospitality international friends. Ford Rui Rui by virtue of international brands, product strength, big kill Quartet, as the summit of the designated commercial vehicles, strong strength self-evident. The pattern of the concept cars designed for Ford in Europe is a big way Rui 7 Commercial MPV, the length and breadth were 4976 mm 2032 mm 1990 mm, wheelbase 2933 mm. The large size of the body, such as the Airbus A380 like spacious second row is not to say, let’s talk about the full size seat of the third row, when three passengers sitting in the third row, the legs, arms, head of surplus space, how comfortable how to sit, this is a subversion of the the traditional MPV! Ford is the way of the traditional MPV 8% wide and Obi Rui 12%, to ensure the full case also let each passenger can enjoy spacious comfort. Not only that, Ford is still a spacious and comfortable way Ou Rui large space in the design of EATC automatic constant temperature air conditioning system, the second rows of independent temperature control system and the 9 air outlet, the second row of position design of the skylight, the intimate design also allows the riding comfort to a higher level, for the global VIP to eliminate fatigue, keep the best state of travel. Creative demonstration of international style, way of interpretation of modern new business G20 Rui Europe welcome party performances through repeated training and grinding, through clear every little detail, showing the ultimate beauty of the international style with Chinese artistic creativity. Of course, G20 is not only embodies the innovation of international fan these fantastic performances, as well as the summit of specified commercial vehicles – Ford Rui ou. "The European lineage enjoyed a new road of the way Ford has a pure European Rui, Ford global fusion of cutting-edge technology and technology of Jiangling exquisite manufacture craft, is designed for a new era of business leaders and team business travel to create a full evolutionary European MPV. Ford Rui way in order to better interpret the European modern new business, the use of a large number of innovative design, innovative configuration, security configuration, create a comfortable, five-star safety "mobile fortress". Equipped with the leading peer!相关的主题文章:

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