ICBC Nanning City branch of Construction Bank ping an active local government won awards zibba

ICBC Nanning City branch of Construction Bank ping an actively won the local government for industrial and Commercial Bank of Nanning City branch of the unit attaches great importance to peace to create work, always adhere to the one hand and business development, on the one hand the safe and stable work, and actively participate in the construction of comprehensive peace type whole bank under. By strengthening the leadership, strengthen the implementation of the security measures, and achieved good results, the past two years, the area with no major risk events, fire security cases. Recently, the people’s Government of Nanning city won the Qingxiu District awarded "2014-2015 annual comprehensive management and peace building activities of the advanced unit" honorary title. The line from the inside of a good atmosphere of compliance management, law-abiding. Conscientiously implement the decision to deploy the higher line, forming the case prevention and control work, the security working group, clear responsibility, carry out the work. Leadership in a global work at the same time, the case prevention and control work, safety and security work in the construction schedule, regular service at the meeting to discuss measures to remind the need to pay attention to detail, to ensure the orderly progress of the work. Based on the actual situation of the introduction of internal control, safety and security for the assessment of the case prevention scheme, and according to the risk and the new focus of the program evaluation, timely revised and updated, and constantly improve the inspection plan, strengthen the staff’s awareness of compliance. Make full use of the performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, strengthen the positive incentive, improve staff management system, strengthen the restriction standard occupation staff, employees pre employment background, occupation ethics, eight hours outside the norms of behavior elements into the case management category. Through the improvement of the system and optimize the working mechanism, risk management and control system to make the case more closely, to better their prevention. Foreign image, publicity, enhance the social influence. One is to promote business outlets and lighting engineering construction, the implementation of network "in front of three", maintain a good appearance, echoing with the image of the city of Nanning harmony. The two is a complete fire safety facilities for business premises items placed orderly, prohibited dangerous items appear and enhance employee fire knowledge, nip in the bud, the past two years did not occur with the responsibility of fire accidents. The three is positive to the public popularity of financial knowledge, through the network propaganda, folding, hanging posters and the issuance of the hall "micro Salon" way of explaining to customers and how to identify counterfeit telecommunications fraud, illegal fund-raising and personal harm the safety card and other financial knowledge, enhance public safety awareness and prevention capabilities, build a safe family. To strengthen the social responsibility, and actively cooperate with public security work. Good customer identification, the identity of the customer is prohibited impersonation identity documents for business, in cooperation with the anti money laundering work, illegal behavior. The business outlets of staff safety awareness is relatively weak in the elderly, women and youth groups such as safety tips and conscious, to prevent customers cheated. The collection of counterfeit money to fulfill obligations, eliminate counterfeit circulation in the world. Actively cooperate with the customers money stolen brush, fraud after the right account inquiries, freezing and other work, provide clues to the investigation of cases of public security organs.

工行南宁新城支行积极建设平安型银行喜获地方政府嘉奖   工商银行南宁市新城支行高度重视平安单位创建工作,始终坚持一手抓经营发展,一手抓安全稳定工作,全行上下全面参与积极建设平安型银行。通过加强领导,强化落实各项安全防范措施,取得了良好工作效果,近两年来,该行所辖区域没有发生一起重大风险事件、消防治安案件。近日,该行喜获南宁市青秀区人民政府授予的“2014-2015年度综治及平安建设活动先进单位”荣誉称号。   该行从内出发,树立合规经营、遵纪守法的良好风气。认真贯彻上级行的决策部署,组织形成案防工作、安全保卫工作小组,责任明确,深入开展工作。领导班子在抓好全局工作的同时,把案防工作、安全保卫建设工作列入重要议事日程,定期在行务会上共同探讨措施、提醒需要注意的细节,确保了各项工作的有序进展。立足本行实际,出台内控案防、安全保卫作考核方案,并根据新的风险点及工作侧重及时对方案进行评价、修订和更新,不断完善考核方案,强化员工合规意识。充分利用绩效考核和激励约束机制,强化正向激励,完善了员工管理制度,强化员工职业规范约束,将员工入职前背景考察、职业操守、八小时以外行为规范等要素纳入案防管理范畴。通过完善制度和优化工作机制,使案件风险的管控体系更加严密,达到较好的自身防范作用。   对外树形象、重宣传,提升社会影响力。一是不断推进营业网点亮化工程建设,落实好网点“门前三包”等,保持良好外观形象,与南宁城市形象和谐呼应。二是配齐消防安全设施,要求营业场所内物品摆放整齐有序,禁止危险物品出现并加强员工消防知识的掌握,防患于未然,近两年未发生一起有责消防安全事故。三是积极对公众普及金融知识,通过网点宣讲、发放折页、悬挂海报及利用厅堂“微沙龙”等方式向客户宣传讲解假币识别、如何电信诈骗、非法集资的危害及个人用卡安全等金融知识,提高群众安全意识和防范能力,共建平安大家庭。   强化社会责任,积极配合社会治安工作。做好客户身份的识别、严禁客户冒用他人身份证件办理业务,协同配合反洗钱等工作,打击违法行为。各营业网点工作人员对安全意识较为薄弱的老年人、妇女、青少年等群体进行有意识的安全提示,防止客户上当受骗。履行假币的收缴义务,杜绝假币在社会上的再流通。积极配合客户资金被盗刷、被诈骗后有权机关的账户查询、冻结等工作,向公安机关侦查案件提供有关线索。相关的主题文章:

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