Husband and wife in order to repay the faithful dog to sell the car to adopt stray dogs more than an

The couple return for dogs to sell cars adopt more than and 300 stray dogs – Beijing Changsha evening news (reporter correspondent Zhao Yun Liu Jun) 3 years ago, Wu Yueyang city town of Pingjiang County qingchong village, less than 2 year old Yu Jiale playing at home on the road, was a rushing car aghast in the middle of the road, the critical moment, the family dog rushed past, Yu Jiale will open, the car brakes less from the dog over. In order to save the dog to repay the parents of grace, Mrs. Yu Xiangjiang began to adopt stray dogs love business, car rental, has to treat more than 300 stray dogs. Yu Xiangjiang home, the dog raising usually a very human, won the Xiangjiang Yu family favorite, home to the name "andy". One day, the son of Yu Jiale playing ball at home, his wife Wang Lu wash clothes in the room. Did not expect, Yu Jiale to play ball, the ball out, all the way to the front of the road. The child ran into the street to pick up the ball. At this time, a car drove up, Yu Jiale scared stood motionless in the middle of the road. At this time, he rushed past, Yu Jiale will open. Yu Jiale saved, but he did not have the breath. Last year, Yu Xiangjiang in the street found a stray dog fur, with Andy similar attempts to shout: "Andy, andy". Unexpectedly, the stray dog followed Yu Xiangjiang home. Although the 4 year old son that stray dogs like Andy, but Yu Xiangjiang could not bear to throw away. Later, Yu Xiangjiang in the country and found some abandoned puppy home slowly into the kennel. "I am here a lot of dog with disabilities, or ears cut off, either limp off, you know my adoption of stray dogs, sent the dog to come." Yu Xiangjiang said. More and more dogs, bring a lot of problems. Because of taste, midnight bark affects sleep, neighbors of Yu Xiangjiang great views. Yu Xiangjiang is a mile away from home to rent a barn, the dog for the past. The shed had, had become a problem. Yu Xiangjiang help Uncle restaurant by doing odd jobs, there are 3 children at home. The family dog consumption savings, the home of a Jetta car is sold at a price of 40 thousand yuan, total investment in dogs. Over the past 1 years, Yu Xiangjiang adopted more than 300 stray dogs, of which there are more than and 200 people have been adopted. Yu Xiangjiang said that the adoption of stray dogs as long as the ability to stick to it. He said, want to launch activities to raise public building a better home. If you want to help him, you can dial 15074007606 contact.相关的主题文章:

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