Hubei man killed his girlfriend 14 years ago the man father had his wife

Hubei man killed his girlfriend 14 years ago the man father had his wife Suishi recently, the Ministry of Public Security issued an emergency warrant for B again, open to Duodao District of Jingmen city in Hubei Province, seven shop "2016.2.26" intentional murder suspect Sun Chao wanted, this is the Ministry of public security and the second time since June on the man wanted. In February 26, 2016 19, Duodao District seven shop residential murder occurred, a woman who was beaten to death. According to the investigation, Sun Chao, a man who lived together before his death, was suspected of committing a crime. Sun Chao, male, born 19 January 1970, ID number: 420800197001190015, domicile: 1 District in Hubei province Jingmen City refinery Road No. 128 building 6 Duodao District No. 3. 1.75 meters tall, weighing 80 kilograms, the medium stature, wearing a black jacket with zipper crime escape, wearing a dark grey tracksuit wearing brown shoes. It is understood that 14 years ago in November 2002, there was a murder murder case in Jingmen City, the killer is the sun’s father (Sun Xianghe), who actually killed Sun Chao’s mother, murder location is also on the seven shop!!! That year, Sun Chao’s father sun phase and with a number of women because of the affair, leading to feelings of marital discord, the mother repeatedly asked for a divorce, the father does not agree, in November 22, 2002, finally agreed to divorce the sun and phase are moving to the machine, and the tools of crime cruel to kill his wife after mutilatio prepared for axes, knives, saws, nylon rope etc.. In July 2003, sun phase and executed lethal injection. Please the masses of people in the premise of ensuring their own safety under active assistance, provide clues to the suspects play a major role, give cash awards three million yuan, to provide clues to direct arrested the suspect, Wu Wanyuan offered cash rewards, while urging the sun quickly to the public security organs surrendered for leniency. Source: CNR network

湖北男子杀害女友 14年前该男子父亲曾将妻子碎尸   近日,公安部再次发出紧急B级通缉令,公开对湖北省荆门市掇刀区七里铺“2016.2.26”故意杀人案犯罪嫌疑人孙超展开通缉,这是公安部暨6月份以来第二次对该男子进行通缉。   2016年2月26日19时许,掇刀区七里铺居民点发生一起命案,一女子被人活活打死。经查,其生前同居男子孙超有重大作案嫌疑。孙超,男,1970年1月19日生,身份证号码:420800197001190015,户籍地:湖北省荆门市掇刀区炼厂路1区128号6楼3号。身高1.75米,体重80公斤左右,中等身材,其作案逃跑时上身穿一件黑色带拉链棉袄,下身穿一条深灰色运动长裤,脚上穿着棕色运动鞋。   据了解,14年前也就是2002年11月,荆门市发生了一起杀人碎尸案,杀人者就是孙超的父亲(孙相和),而被杀者竟是孙超的母亲,杀人地点也是在七里铺!!!当年,孙超的父亲孙相和因与多名女性有染,导致夫妻感情不和,母亲多次要求离婚,父亲不同意,2002年11月22日,终于同意离婚的孙相和却动了杀机,并用准备好的斧头、菜刀、锯子、尼龙绳等作案工具残忍的将妻子杀害后碎尸。2003年7月,孙相和被执行注射死刑。   请广大市民群众在保证自身安全的前提下积极协助,对提供线索抓获犯罪嫌疑人起到重大作用的,给予现金奖励叁万元,对提供线索直接抓获犯罪嫌疑人的,给予现金奖励伍万元,同时敦促孙超迅速向公安机关投案自首,争取宽大处理。来源:央广网相关的主题文章:

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