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"All" the goddess Hsu Chi collar show beauty beauty Shu bone Sohu because the fun miss Cannes "dragon tactic" ghost blows on the red carpet, but don’t worry, the film more wayward. "Nie concealed woman" of the press conference, Hsu Chi all take collar Beauty dressed in a little black dress, while aegyo a reporter asked the side of his own show sexy beauty of bone". Goddess ah! Do you like the red carpet scheming, can let you poke a path. All the sexy SHOW, now open for her red carpet! The opening of the Cannes red carpet missed, never mind! The closing of the red carpet we still become beautiful actress! See, this is not by perspective, do not rely on dress just show "beauty bone" walk on the red carpet, the film will be successful seckill. Know how to use the "star beauty bone" suction eye can only one person yo Shu goddess! Look, there are many actresses are uniting the glittering beauty of bone"! The holiday is the holy angel Alexander’s show clavicle? Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) is impeccable, 360 degree dead on the beach, barefoot walking is also the goddess fan. AA clavicle is beautiful light, moderate depth fossa, straight lines and clear, with her bronzed complexion in the sun, it is seductive! Man = a little makeup + clavicle woman Rihanna the leather clad although heroic, but the perspective of coat and sharp her clavicle woman exudes seductive taste revealed, more confused. Like the world announced: "I not only sing well, but also to see my body Bang Bang Da, beautiful clavicle"! The focus is just partly hidden and partly visible some good-looking collarbone is born, said the more thin woman of clavicle is more obvious. Elle fanning a grey vest leggings, plus the pink slippers angle is really cool summer! The seemingly casual, partly hidden and partly visible clavicle, it is to bring people visual focus firmly grasp. The definition of "beauty of bone" is also called "the beauty of clavicle bone, is the boundary between the neck and chest, it is like a butterfly’s wings to wings instead of people unlimited reverie. The thigh is too thick can be used to cover a short skirt, high heels can be used without ABS insoles, we use the thickness to win, no beautiful collarbone, how are we going to have to go out and play? We can practice the "beauty of bone"! You need to exercise beautiful shape, as can the clavicle. In addition to the innate gene after exercise and maintenance is more important. Reasonable collocation diet, life in some small habits to maintain the elegant figure, chest shrug is not there is a nice pair of clavicle. The 4 step, let the clavicle convex Step1: hands clasped, rubbing to palm fever, with the palm of your hand wrapped around the neck, top-down massage to the clavicle, alternating 5 times. This action can usually do not exercise regularly to the neck muscles to relax, relieve the fatigue of a hard day’s work. Step2: hands for ear lymph, click the way.

“心机”女神舒淇 一字领大秀美人骨-搜狐      舒大美女因为贪玩错过了戛纳《鬼吹灯之寻龙诀》的红毯,但是不要紧,片子多任性。《聂隐娘》的记者会上,舒淇心机美搭身着一字领黑色小礼裙,一边撒娇的答记者问一边秀着自己的性感“美人骨”。女神呀!你这样心机,红毯都能让你戳出一条路。      每时每刻的性感SHOW,红毯此刻为她开路!   戛纳开幕的红毯错过了,没关系!闭幕的红毯我们照样成为漂亮的主角!瞧见没,就是这样不靠透视、不靠着装只是静静的露出“美人骨”走在红毯上,就能成功的秒杀菲林。懂得用“美人骨”吸睛的女星可不只舒女神一人哟!看,还有很多女星都修炼了闪闪发光的“美人骨”!      度假是秀锁骨的圣地   维密天使亚历山大?安布罗休(Alessandra Ambrosio)的身材简直无可挑剔,360度无死角,在沙滩赤脚散步也是女神范。AA的锁骨真是美的发光,骨窝深浅适度,线条笔直清楚,加上她古铜色的肤色在阳光下,真是性感诱人啊!      男人妆+锁骨=英气的小女人   蕾哈娜这一身皮装虽然英气逼人,但是透视的上衣加上凌厉的锁骨把她的女人味散发出诱人的味道透露出来,更加蛊惑。好像跟世人宣布“我不光歌唱的好,身材也是棒棒哒,看到我漂亮的锁骨了吧” !      若隐若现的才是焦点   有的好看的锁骨是天生的,都说越瘦的女人锁骨越明显。艾丽-范宁灰色背心搭运动 leggings,再加上粉色夹角拖鞋真的是夏日清凉呀!若隐若现的锁骨,看似漫不经心,确是把人们视觉焦点抓的牢牢地。      “美人骨”的定义   锁骨又称“美人骨”,是颈与胸部的分界,它像一只蝴蝶的翅膀一样欲展翅而非让人产生无限遐想。大腿太粗可以用裙子遮,个子矮可以用高跟鞋垫,没有腹肌我们用粗细取胜,那没有漂亮的锁骨,我们要怎样愉快的出去玩耍?      “美人骨”我们可以修炼!   漂亮的身形需要锻炼塑造,锁骨一样可以。除了先天的基因,后天的锻炼和保养更加重要。搭配合理的饮食,生活中通过一些小习惯来保持优雅的身形,含胸耸肩是不会有一副漂亮的锁骨的。      4个步骤,让锁骨凹凸有致   Step1:双手合十,相互摩擦使至掌心微热,用手掌包裹住脖子,由上至下按摩至锁骨,交替5次。这个动作可以使平时不经常运动到的颈部肌肉进行放松,缓解一天紧张工作的疲劳。   Step2:双手至于耳后淋巴处,用点按的方式来回按摩至锁骨,利用指尖给颈部的穴位带来刺激,这个动作可以帮助锁骨的线条清晰,还有消肿缩小脸部的作用哦~来回做10次。   Step3:抬高下颚,用一只手的四根手指沿着锁骨的形状,有内置外的按摩,帮助舒活锁骨附近的淋巴进行排毒,是锁骨的形状清晰、平直。左右交替各做3次。   Step4:肩膀下沉,保持均匀的深呼吸,坚持15秒后慢慢放松,重复动作3次。这个动作可以缓解工作一天的肩膀疲劳,而且可以练出深浅适中的锁骨窝。      锁骨周边的肌肤也要照顾到!   每天在护理脸部的同时,用面霜或者颈霜精油精心的呵护锁骨,进行按摩防止皱纹,保持肤质细腻,这样佩戴首饰才会平滑。相关的主题文章:

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