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How will the national day and the baby safe travel? Sohu – National Day is a good time to maternal family travel, travel together with a small baby, not only can add a lot of fun, but also the baby will bring more broad perspective, but for many parents, with children safe travel experience, there will be security risks wow, small for everyone finishing, travel safety matters needing attention! Sunscreen: children need more than adults! Although it is the autumn of October, but many city sun is very sinister yo, especially the choice for parents island tour, regardless of whether the baby is in the ground or under water, must have good protective measures, remember, the baby needs more than adults! The skin is a kind of innate natural sunscreen ability, but with the passage of time and every time after the injury record of the cumulative exposure, the "sunshine capital" will be gradually consumed until exhausted. The baby’s skin development is not perfect, if the lack of sun protection, it will overdraft sunshine capital, so that a variety of adult skin problems, aging problems in advance. The research data shows that a person under 18 years of age accounted for by the ultraviolet radiation damage in the life of the 80%, one can make the blistering sunburn risk after skin cancer doubled. So in the enjoyment of the sun at the same time, parents must pay attention to the sun’s work. Anti mosquito medicine: don’t challenge the baby’s resistance if it is to go to large trees or in humid areas, parents must take anti mosquito medicine, with a baby playing in the trees and flowers in more places, to avoid mosquito bites, because the baby is weak resistance, bite may have infectious diseases. Mothers do not neglect, the baby’s resistance to challenge oh! Don’t crowd not to quarrel: sudden baby safety first trip will encounter a variety of, the parents do not think that curiosity took the baby to the crowd, the first things may still crowd safety hazards, actually crowded together, the baby is very easy and is a taste of Jin Jin curious parents separated. At the same time, the children to give parents more trouble, parents should continue to have fun, and if the tour guides and local disputes, we must try to downplay. Your clothes: comfortable, bright as if to wear dresses, not only sweet, baby is not easy to get, parents should pay attention to the clothes ready to go out for the baby, in addition to the permeability and texture are relatively good, also should choose colorful clothes or in baby clothes with reflective strips. So many people crowded at night when babies and adults become separated. The tips kit put what? With the baby out, mothers are most afraid of sick baby. Especially the baby before the age of 3 due to the immunodeficiency, very easy to get sick, can not avoid even at home, go out in the outside is even more difficult to avoid, so mothers should try to take some precautions, daily drug in the body, so as to make the play more happy. Advise parents to prepare a special kit for the baby oh, common items can be worn: probiotics, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic topical drugs, AIDS, thermometer, cool oil, hydrogen peroxide and cotton.相关的主题文章:

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