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Quit-Smoking If you’ve ever purchased an electronic cigarette and have purchased refill cartridges (ie; Cig2o Cartomizers), sometimes it’s hard to know when your cartomizer is out or dead. So how to tell if you have a dead cartomizer? Until they come out with a cartomizer (maybe they already have) that has an e-liquid level meter inside them (kinda like an energizer), it can be a guessing game wither our not your refill cartridge is out. The Answer: I go with a 3-part solution with this problem, results may vary however. 1. If it tastes bad, then it’s probably bad. If it tastes like burnt nasty, then it’s probably time to get a new cartomizer. Heck, why would you want to vape with something that tastes bad anyways, right? Now this is the easiest way to tell if it’s bad, but sometimes your tastes buds may just be disagreeing (depending on what you’ve at and drank) so you may be decieved by your own taste buds…. So… 2. If you used to smoke a pack a day, then your cartomizer should last about a day. Now i’m kinda a cartomizer snob when it comes to this. I usually trash mine the second it doesn’t start tasting the best. Hence, I keep them around in a jar just in case I am wrong. Be careful of this as you may end up with e cigarette refill cartridges all over the place… most of which are probably bad by the time you use them again. 3. Keep Organized Electronic cigarette refill cartomizer cartridges can be a pain when you aren’t properly organized. Have you ever set one down right next to another one and couldn’t tell which one was the new one and which one was the old one? Here are some tips that may makething easier for you keeping your vapor cigarette refill cartridges organized. A. Throw cartomizers you KNOW are bad out right away (unless you refill them). If you aren’t sure, and I mean pretty sure they are probably good, but maybe your taste buds are playing tricks on you. Then keep a container with ONLY your "probably good" refill cartomizer cartridges in them. If you are "fairly" sure they are just bad, just get rid of them – this will only cause you confusion and disorganization. B. While you recharge your electronic cigarette battery always have a single place where you put your refill cartridges for your e cigs. Never change this place and make a habit of it. I know this goes a little above and beyond how to tell if your Cig2o cartomizer is out… or if any refill cartridge is deal for your electroni cigarette. But by properly managing your e cigarette refill cartridges, you will save money, your cartridges will last longer and you’ll have a system down. Article Credit: About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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