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How should we look at the success of vivo at this stage? The Sohu of science and technology Wu Maolin "business model" only a short while ago, mobile phone manufacturers have become hot words to talk about, like millet, a plus, ZUK online brand also to take this opportunity to quietly rise, has become the representative of the emerging power industry. But with the online sales of mobile phone manufacturers gradually entered the flat period, the arena is transferred to the lower channel line, line channel counter attack has become the industry trend quietly. Once shouted "no millet mobile phone store" Lei Jun said, millet next will be the focus of sales channels from online marketing to physical stores. Millet home goal is 250 square meters per store, monthly sales of $50 million. Especially for the main fashion crowd of vivo mobile phone, released in the market research firm Sanofi in the first half of 2016 Chinese intelligent mobile phone TOP20 brand sales ranking of more than fourth millet become the industry, lead the industry to a "business channel fever rebirth" view of speech. Mao Qiying, a famous media person, commented on the phenomenon that the channel is only part of the 4Ps marketing mix strategy of · and Philip. In accordance with the "bucket theory", is a highly depends on the lowest piece of wood, the highly popular explanation is that the enterprise is determined by the lowest "block". A lot of people think that vivo is only the advantages of the channel, but in fact there is no good product, there is no channel is the industry’s top four. A view of vivo CEO Shen Wei had repeatedly stressed: "in the interior of the mobile phone industry is on the surface of manufacturing industry, is actually doing the consumer goods, the essence is to meet consumer demand, this is the most important part of vivo." Chinese intelligent mobile phone through the review of the past few years, in product technology trends, can be divided into pictures, music, ultra-thin, shell material, screen technology, battery life (fast charge), eight aspects of fingerprint security, gestures, consumer oriented concept into the vivo company and products of all levels the idea, because vivo is too understand consumers, consumers really want to know what kind of product, so its products are innovated from the perspective of consumers! The pioneer of mobile phone Hi-Fi mobile phone Hi-Fi vivo is the creator and leader, the height of up to now and no one. Before vivo, no one has ever been able to place the Hi-Fi audio scheme on the phone. I remember in the summer of 2010, I went to the vivo interview, when the vivo R & D personnel told us: "vivo to make music phone, but also a previously no one can make a real music phone." We were on this argument "sniff at", because at that time to bring professional audio equipment on the decoding chip ported to several problems, the first intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone in the space of land, large size Hi-Fi chip in second is extremely difficult, power control and signal processing is not perfect shielding, third drive from the design, no artificial driving mobile phone system wrote a separate audio program. But, v!相关的主题文章:

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