How do children in English speaking countries recite words

How do children in English speaking countries recite words? North America has long been known to use the Phonics method to teach English, but also to understand the law, but the real understanding of her daughter in Canada after primary school. Especially in the two grade, the school began to require dictation every week, 15 words, I understand how the Canadian children to memorize words. Last week’s words for example: Monday: 1 in Planner, record the daily operations and requirements: this Planner is similar to the domestic teachers and parents to contact the record, do students go home after a day or second days to remind parents, hope the teacher can also write problems above, sometimes need to the parents sign; 2, there is a single spelling homework: put the 15 words in the spelling book in alphabetical order to write again; 3, to send pamphlets required reading:                                 the above page is the basic content and also brought back a piece of paper, is reading in the classroom, and the 15 words related to the text" Tuesday: work is the 15 words this week in spelling homework according to the different vowel and consonant vowel which write again, with a red pencil, consonant with the blue pencil to write; another job is to continue to read Monday issued pamphlets; Wednesday: Tomorrow (Thursday) a spelling test, to read the brochure on Monday; Thursday: back to the spelling test, dictation spelling test, not only 15 words, sentences and punctuation is dictation Friday: no homework, let the children relaxed weekend. Above the teacher’s daily work time is 15-20 minutes to complete. Source: Sina blog author: Anne flowers responsibility editor: Wang Chun相关的主题文章:

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