Hinckley corner why projects reopen green British media British and France does not want to upset tsumori chisato

Hinckley corner why projects reopen green British media: British, French China led France does not want to upset in the Hinckley corner project twists and turns, finally being released last week. Reuters made reference news network reported on September 25th the British media said, "the economist" audio "talk about money" (MONEY) section explores why the British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei’s attitude had changed, decided to batch prepared attention of Hinkley point nuclear power project C. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 21st, "Kazit said of the Journal of economic affairs editor of the economist", political considerations overwhelm security concerns herself and advisers, especially because it involves the diplomatic relationship between Britain and France, the China. Prime Minister may not take the risk of angering Britain’s two largest trading partner in a sensitive period in the uk. Reported that the final agreement with Teresa · the same version may stop, just increase the safety conditions of future foreign investment in the UK critical infrastructure areas. "The economist" magazine that opposed the Hinkley point nuclear power plant project position. Test strange explained that the reason that the approval of Hinckley corner is a bad decision, the main reason is that the project is too expensive, the fear will become a expensive white elephant. "The times" on the Hinckley angle reported that British companies are queuing up to bid for Hinckley angle sub projects. These open bids for British companies account for 18 billion of the total investment of $64%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

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