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Hilary said to admire Merkel his strong extraordinary data figure leaders: US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary. Original title: Hilary said the leaders in admiration of Merkel his extraordinary strong in new network on 30 September, according to Central News Agency reports, the Liberal Party presidential candidate Johnson because can’t say that I admire foreign leaders name again criticized the Democratic candidate Hilary was also asked about the same problem, said he admired German Prime Minister Merkel. Who is Hilary’s favorite world leader? She replied, "Oh, let me see." then she smiled and said, "actually, I have a lot of world leaders, and one of them is Merkel." "In Europe in difficult times significantly impact the rest of the world, I think she is a strong leader." Prior to this, Johnson attended a public interview on MSNBC TV, the host asked: who is your favorite leader? No matter which country or country, please name a foreign leader who you respect and admire." He was speechless, hesitated a minute. Before this incident occurred, Johnson in a televised tragedy happened "". When asked about the current international concern in the Syria city of Aleppo, the former New Mexico governor asked: "what is Aleppo?" Reported that Johnson is still the Democratic presidential candidate a deep hatred, he be away from Colorado (Colorado) and other tight election ballot. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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