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High speed executives corruption losses of billions of dollars, high-speed wonder November 8th media reports, November 2nd, Hunan province high court hearing of former deputy general manager of Hunan province expressway investment group Peng Shu, Hunan province wide investment company general manager Hu Haolong corruption case. According to reports, before the Loudi intermediate court of first instance, the court found Peng Shu, Hu Haolong bribes amounting to 188 million 170 million yuan, respectively, taking bribes, embezzlement, disclosing inside information crime, graft and sentenced two people to death and confiscation of all personal property. A trial verdict, Loudi Municipal People’s Procuratorate seized Peng Shu and Hu Haolong have the money 164 million yuan, respectively, two Hu Peng seized the money 19 million 570 thousand, 16 million 460 thousand yuan, respectively, the other two co defendants detained Zhang Hui, Peng Jianglin 12 million, 5 million 650 thousand yuan of money. The two provincial highway company executives, even corruption and even billions of dollars, close to two hundred million, the amount is not surprising, but in the case of corruption are frequent billion yuan now, especially the number appeared in hundreds of years of losses of tens of billions of the provincial highway department, but also is not surprising. The last ten or twenty years, the highway department is the official corruption disaster area. Or more precisely, in some places, with the hardest hit to describe the extent of corruption officials are not enough, with the pipeline seems to meet the highway sector officials before rot successor corruption situation. These corrupt officials located in Hunan Provincial Expressway Construction and Development Corporation is an enterprise owned by the whole people, and the Highway Management Bureau of Hunan Province, is a team of two brands, the offices of "centralized management, traffic department of Hunan province. From 2001 onwards, the company has set up a high speed highway advertising decoration Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province, its two renamed after the Hunan province wide Investment Co., ltd.. High investment set up in Hunan high Canton real estate development Co. Ltd. and Hunan Province Li tea expressway construction and development company limited. These companies are state-owned enterprises. However, these so-called wholly state-owned companies, in fact, all corrupt individuals involved in corruption has become a tool for corruption. Make yourself, lose the state, this business, the success of this two hundred million yuan of corrupt officials. Not only are these state-owned company officials of rampant corruption, government officials as the highway system, the "upper beam" no "to go". 2014, Hunan Province, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture intermediate people’s court has sentenced the former party members of the Hunan Provincial Communications Department, former Secretary of the provincial highway administration Feng Weilin life imprisonment. This led by Feng Weilin, the Hunan provincial transportation system series of corruption case involved up to 27 people, including the Hunan Provincial Communications Department, party secretary, deputy director Chen Mingxian and deputy director Zou Heping, deputy director of the Li Xiaoxi 4 level cadres and 16 level cadres. These officials "on the road to eat", through a variety of ways by the highway management department of the government, students become corrupt official is not the big pit. Above the Hunan Highway Department of corrupt officials, the amount of corruption are in the tens of millions, level. It also shows that, at least in Hunan Province, the construction of highway project funds management — if anything — it is useless. In.相关的主题文章:

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