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High German map machine version "six safety tips" Mid Autumn Festival this year, you will choose to go home or travel in what way? Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. The Mid Autumn Festival is a festival of reunion, presumably a lot of people are eager to go home and family reunion, or with his family to travel together and enjoy an invigorating autumn climate weather. However, as more and more people choose to drive themselves, the holiday season has become a high incidence of accidents, can not help but fill in a good mood plugging. In fact, it is not difficult to want to arrive at the destination quickly and safely, an excellent navigation products can let you spike other owners. High German map machine version is for car driving to build, not only can quickly take you to reach the destination, it has "six tips", can prevent the traffic safety problems in the navigation process, let you arrived in the holidays in the traffic jam. Six "safety tips" to enhance the driving safety if you think now can only be used for vehicle navigation navigation, it is really OUT! Now a new generation of vehicle navigation is to improve driving safety, such as high German map machine version, have optimized display, real map, dynamic navigation junction and the electronic eye monitoring, intelligent voice, to avoid restrictions and other multiple driving safety utility function. One: let a route optimization display in the interface layout, High German map machine version focused on driving scene, not only the car screen than the mobile phone screen, display more clear, at the same time the car machine version of the optimized layout button on the main menu, leaving only the search location "and" look around "two functions, and the road name was increased, more in line with the driving habits of tips and guidance. Let the driver can glance on navigation screen display information, without laborious go looking for needed information in complex traffic, more convenient operation, fully reduce the driver in driving eyes off the road time, effectively protect the safety of travel. The two cheats: to restore the true road intersection real map of High German map also has real map intersection function, can show the real scene intersection type, more accurately tell the driver in a few ramps between how to choose, clear guidelines, the road go more clearly at a glance, the choice of which road. Let the novice driver seconds old driver, no longer worried about opening the wrong. The three Cheats: dynamic navigation completely avoid the congestion at the same time, High German map machine version also do intelligent networking, can not only display the real-time traffic on the map, help drivers choose not to road congestion, to avoid congestion. Real time to avoid unexpected incidents, in front of the road accident, control and other timely pop-up reminder, and planning the best route in advance, a full range of dynamic navigation. The four Cheats: electronic eye monitoring with illegal say goodbye. In addition, novice drivers often because not familiar with the traffic rules, do not look at the street signs and traffic. In this regard, the high moral map machine version also has a "electronic dog" function, can automatically detect the electronic eye, tell the driver in front of camera monitoring information in advance, and effectively help drivers to comply with traffic rules, avoid the illegal implementation of safe driving相关的主题文章:

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