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Hengda appeal! Scolari blasted the referee: don’t do a good job [collection] Hengda 1-1 Suning GalAT broke Teixeira Tencent in Guangzhou in November 20th (the Savior sports Zeng Xiao Li Xu) China football final stage of the season, the referee Huang Yejun frequently upstage. In the game, both sides of the players and the referee winding. Whether the Milky way Jiangsu fans or fans in Guangzhou, are invariably greeting referee. Mei fang had a black eye before the game, Jiangsu Suning coach cuilong Zhu had to advance to the referee, he said: "this is the biggest advantage of home court China home court, we hope the game can get a fair penalty." After the game, grab a precious away goal, cuilong Zhu clearly does not want to New problems crop up unexpectedly. who declined to comment the referee’s performance, "after the game, the referee does not express any opinion is my creed. The FA Cup final is the most authoritative game of Chinese football, I believe we have a fair penalty, which is the most basic elements of the game, and respect for the fans. The game is over, I’m not fit to make any comment." But could not get ideal results of Scolari is not going to remain silent, though not by name, but his statement seemed to be alluding to, "I am very satisfied with my players. But it is clear that some people are not doing his job." He is the most disgruntled, Mei fang encounter: "Mei fang was rude to other players injured eyes in the game, you can take a closer look at the moment if the Mei fang, action game are allowed and not be punished, then we can change a way to play football." According to Tencent sports understanding, for today’s game occurred in a number of controversial decisions, Guangzhou Heng general will appeal to the Chinese Football Association for the first time.相关的主题文章:

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