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Travel-and-Leisure There is a fairly new attraction that visitor’s to Helen, Ga. absolutely must try out. It’s called a zip line tour. Ok, try to imagine this. You get hooked up to a cable wearing a harness, and a helmet. Then with the use of pure gravity, you travel almost a mile through woods, over five ponds, and over pasture areas with gorgeous horses, all at a buzzing speed at around thirty feet up in the air. The mountain views are also spectacular. To call this a sensation pleaser would be quite the understatement. There is enough here to grab all the senses. The height, the speed, and the awesome views are enough to bring any visitor shear excitement. Now if that weren’t enough, I believe this is the only zip line tour available in Georgia that also offers night time tours, now how cool is that. This attraction is open year round, and you can even take tours with snow on the ground, which adds to the great mountain views. The entire tour is made up of multiple cable lengths, one as long as twelve hundred feet, and several at around one thousand feet. The zip line attraction is also located on a large farm, which offers horseback riding, camping, and even a few small cabins that visitors can rent for an entire weekend of mountain fun and adventures. The owners of the zip line tour also offer fishing and rafting excursions. The rafting and fishing excursions are off site, but they transport visitors to the other excursions. You can choose to do a package, which makes spending an entire weekend here very budget friendly, or you can break, each item up as a separate attraction. For example, you can just do a zip line tour, or just do a short one hour horseback ride through the mountains. This attraction really adds more great fun for all visitors to Helen Ga. With this attraction, as well as all the other outstanding attractions available for all ages such as tubing, water parks, fishing, shopping, hunting, you name it. With each added Helen Ga. attraction Helen Ga. continues to make it’s place one of Georgia’s finest getaways. There are several zip line tours available around the north Ga. Mountains, but this one is only a few miles from the mail .mercial area of Helen Ga. and is by far the best one I have ever tried. The owners of this Helen Ga. attraction truly carry a passion for wanting their patrons to have a memorable experience. As well as having a excellent service, the Helen Ga. zip line tour is very budget friendly, and beats all the .petitors prices around, and offers a more memorable experience. So on your next visit here., don’t miss out on the new zip line tours, and don’t f.et to bring your camera for this one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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