He doesn’t like you, why don’t you let go liuxiaobo

He does not like you, why do you still do not let go of public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: 01 case time when you Hot pot shop on the table next to the soup, two girls sitting in the chat, a lively discussion sound passed over, the two girls also feel quite lovable, carefully watched out their happy talk. A girl said: I play the game to play the 60, has not much interest, I feel not very fun, but also reluctant to lose, every day to do a bit of landing on the daily tasks. Another girl then said: Yes, I also feel not much interested in, brush copies of previous night every day to improve the skills of team play, now they have no interest, but also don’t want to get lost, after all, hard to play series so high, then give some pity. Another girl to say: Yes, lost reluctant, after all every day and night as he struggled, but also do not want to keep playing, they occasionally do daily tasks, that’s it, until one day don’t want to play completely lost. When I heard this conversation, from the bottom of my heart I laughed and joked with friends: philosophy is everywhere, playing games can also give people deep understanding. My friend said, I guess you must associate love. Can not help but sigh, love chinanyuannv refuses to let go is not the principle. Chinanyuannv 02 night and bestie discussed a topic: you know he’s wrong, why not let go. Bestie smile said this with my situation almost. Knowing that love the wrong person, he never ambiguous confession, elsewhere still romantic female friends more than a few, eat me tightly, I just want to leave but is reluctant to leave, and suffering, it refuses to let go of you. I comforted her and said: This is incurable disease, that have to wait until you save the woman. Bestie said: in fact, I had thought myself embarrassed his reason, this is the feeling bitchy, I have this feeling of masochism. The boy bestie love I know, family background is not good, I also considered a rich two generation two generation, so people always, but just perfect, will not make people feel too smart to care about, and can give people a mature and reliable. When in school, work and calm, teachers and students all love him, he is always a little not every member of school girl’s birthday party, general popularity is very good. The boys just perfect to meet the more than and 20 year old girl is a girl’s fantasy, ideal object, bestie love he is a reason, usually get along very happy, in the eyes of outsiders like lovers, he never say that, this is the place of mind bestie. For a long time, bestie more than once suspected that he was not so love her, just want to hear Rainie Yang’s ambiguous, ambiguous, ambiguous can truly experience is not always so beautiful, is actually quite aggrieved people. Ambiguous 03 a few days ago, I sent a micro-blog said: where to spend time相关的主题文章:

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