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Have these ABS. Actress won in the belly: lead actress who face value is high, it already is as everyone knows things. Now you want to circle powder, not only to have a high natural value, but also rely on figure! However, the light is thin and long legs are not enough, ABS has also become an important standard for evaluation! (source: Wyatt has a lot of stars) in the high value of the yen, but also do not forget to lose weight fitness! Not only did the small fat, also have muscles, looks tight and sexy. Yuan Shanshan is one of the fitness queen! Small vest line ABS, it is to let a person envy, but such a good figure, not hard, it is still far away from you! Sit ups may be one of the most simple way to fitness! But want to change from the muscle fat, light is simple enough to sit up. Zhang Tianai is a love of fitness, this belly, summer dare exposed! As a fitness project, elliptical machine is a good choice. For leg muscles and abdominal muscles, have a good role in shaping. Like Zhang Tianai’s leg action, not only can stovepipe, can stretch the abdominal muscles, simple and practical. The support plate is also a good way of fitness, when only the arm and leg supporting the body, keeping the body straight, it depends on your abs. Height has been an advantage, as well as such a good figure, Zhou Weitong called the goddess! Her abdominal muscles and out is how the training? Kettlebell is a good fitness tool, is a relatively new, very practical, can be a way to fitness collocation. At the same time, the hands and feet up fitness movement, relatively simple, the intensity is relatively small, but for the abdominal stretch is very helpful. TRX may be one of the boats, recent popular fitness, she on the abdominal and back muscles, have a good help role, can create a good figure! The Japanese AKB48 members in Akimoto Caika, small abdominal is very attractive, S curve like this, who can not envy! What does she do as a fitness person? Fitness, the appropriate weight can make your weight-loss muscles become faster. The weight Kettlebell squat, can not only thin abdomen, hip Hip can gain good results. This way of fitness, and the principle is similar to sit up, when stretching and contraction, can simultaneously increase muscle of arm and abdomen. Many people know that lying kick, or bike action can be stovepipe. In fact, when you do these actions, don’t let the head close to the ground, but also can enhance the abs!相关的主题文章:

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