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Harbin white-collar workers the average monthly salary of 5728 pre tax petrochemical industry’s most profitable online games recently, Zhaopin according to the Harbin competition in the workplace, analysis of online recruitment data and white-collar resume, "released in the autumn of 2016 in Harbin white-collar employer demand and supply of talent in terms of data and analysis". 1 the stationery industry’s most competitive financial and secretarial posts the most competitive recruitment online in fall 2016 data show that Harbin area competition index ranked the top five in the industry, office supplies and equipment industry competition index was the highest, followed by the logistics industry, again for the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition, the real estate building materials engineering and consumer durables (apparel textile and leather furniture and home appliances) industry competition is more intense, the competition index in Harbin area before five. 2, the financial secretary post the most competitive Zhaopin online data show that in the autumn of 2016 in Harbin the most competitive occupation is the financial audit of Taxation, human resources and administrative secretarial. In addition, the competition of civil engineering, decoration, municipal engineering and advanced management is more intense. The flow of financial audit, tax administrative secretarial, human resources, senior management is relatively weak, the post supply quantity is limited, so the job competition is more intense. The new round of the real estate market makes the civil construction, decoration, municipal engineering profession continue to maintain a competitive state. 3 petrochemical industry average monthly salary of 9847 yuan in the autumn of 2016 in Harbin white-collar job period average salary tax 5728 yuan, ranked thirty-third in the 34 major city in. Specifically, the average monthly salary of the petrochemical industry is the highest, 9847 yuan; followed by cross field operations, for 9501 yuan; once again for the online game industry, 9001 yuan. Salary distribution: the ten high paying industries (unit: yuan)

哈市白领平均月薪税前5728 石化网游行业最赚钱   近日,智联招聘根据哈市职场竞争情况,分析在线企业招聘数据和白领投递简历情况,发布《哈尔滨地区2016年秋季雇主需求与白领人才供给方面的数据与分析》。   1 办公用品行业竞争最激烈   财务、文秘岗位竞争最激烈   智联招聘2016年秋季在线数据显示,哈尔滨地区竞争指数排名前五位的行业中,办公用品及设备行业的竞争指数最高,其次是物流 仓储行业,再次为医药 生物工程行业。此外,房地产 建筑 建材 工程和耐用消费品(服饰 纺织 皮革 家具 家电)行业的竞争也较为激烈,竞争指数进入了哈尔滨地区的前五 位。   2 财务、文秘岗位竞争最激烈   智联招聘在线数据显示,哈尔滨地区2016年秋季竞争最为激烈的职业是财务 审计 税务、人力资源和行政 后勤 文秘。此外,土木 建筑 装修 市政工程和高级管理的竞争也较为激烈。财务 审计 税务、行政 后勤 文秘、人力资源、高级管理职位的流动性相对较弱,岗位供应数量有限,所以求职竞争 较为激烈。房地产市场的新一轮热潮,使得土木 建筑 装修 市政工程职业继续保持竞争激烈的状态。   3 石化行业平均月薪9847元   哈尔滨地区2016年秋季求职期的白领平均薪酬为税前5728元,在全国34个主要城市中排名第33位。具体来看,石化行业的平均月薪最高,为9847元;其次为跨领域经营,为9501元;再次为网络游戏行业,为9001元。 酬薪分布 十大高薪行业(单位:元)相关的主题文章:

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