Guo Chuan team will continue to search and rescue plan Captain airdrop life-saving supplies (video)

Guo Chuan team will continue to search and rescue plan: Captain airdrop life-saving supplies Guo Sichuan data figure Guo Sichuan: team will continue to search and rescue plan to save captain airdrop biomass according to Guo Chuan team news: from October 25th Beijing time 15:30, Guo Chuan captain lost contact for five days. But Guo Chuan’s family, relatives and friends of the team still did not give up the Sichuan Sichuan search and rescue, concerted efforts to continue to find the captain through the various channels. Guo Chuan Guo Chuan team organized emergency rescue headquarters, to collect all the relatives and friends, day in and day out to the various proposals and rescue rescue specialists, rescue organization contact, the first time to contact the relevant personnel and institutions, to determine the next rescue plan. 29 at about 11 in the morning, there are friends to inform the team of Sichuan, on the chart is found to be heading for a loss from the point of contact with the cargo ship, only about 150 nautical miles away from the incident area, it is suitable for search and rescue. After learning the news, immediately contact the Beijing ship communications navigation Co., Ltd., found the ship’s identification number, to determine the ship is Xiamen ocean Ruian city. Subsequently, and China Maritime Search and rescue center coordination, linked to the ship’s captain Ding, Ding said the captain immediately to search and rescue Guo chuan. At the same time, Guo Chuan rescue headquarters has also started to drop supplies procurement, contact the airdrop aircraft, carry out airdrop lifesaving articles to the incident area plan. Now, the aircraft has been found, airdrop procurement is also being prepared in the airdrop license only obstacle is that is not yet available for this area, team is actively looking for relevant legal professionals to solve problems.相关的主题文章:

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