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Guizhou construction waste resource utilization rate in 2020 will reach 30%– Guizhou channel — original title: construction waste resource utilization rate will reach 30% in 2020 the office of the Guizhou provincial government recently issued "on the strengthening of the construction waste management to promote circular" resource utilization, which requires that by 2020, municipalities (state), utilization rate of 30% the above Gui’an new construction waste recycling. Construction waste refers to the construction unit, construction unit construction, renovation and expansion and dismantling of buildings, structures and pipelines and decorative decoration housing residents process generated waste soil, waste and other waste materials. "Notice" requirements, all localities should the basic information on the local area of construction waste were investigated, according to the forecast of regional waste stock and incremental construction, construction waste resource utilization project construction and consumptive field. To meet the standards of construction waste recycling green building materials products included in the recommended list, the government procurement list, clear the government investment projects (such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, government investment in science and Technology Museum, museum, gymnasium and city municipal public infrastructure projects) must give priority to the use of construction waste recycled products. ((Sun Ying): Chen Kangqing, commissioning editor Tu min)相关的主题文章:

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