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Guatemala: beast car and bus is the same – Sohu (attached travel Raiders) yesterday at the bus station to the travel companies to the city of our staff named Eric, English is very good, people look special kind of honest. He said the company every day to go to Lan Kuien’s car, the price is 200Q, if we want to go to the best in advance tomorrow, so as not to have no seats. We gave him $20 as a deposit and made an appointment to meet us at the hotel at 8 this morning. For this village a little tangled, afraid encounter a liar. The emperor said impossible, according to our years of experience, such things have never been cheated, even cheated, that is a mere $20, the right to buy a lesson. The emperor said, I believe that Eric, because of the minibus ride car yesterday the driver of the most trusted. As early as 7:50, Eric and the party. We handed him the ticket (in the hotel booking is also the price), he called to take care of the driver will be the most front position for us to take pictures of the emperor. After that, Eric shook hands with us. 5 minutes later, the car arrived, and the location was left to us. Facts as the emperor expected, these years of travel at home and abroad, the situation is cheated, precisely in china. The whole car a total of 7 people, are international tourists. By the way, Guatemala has done a lot better than Mexico and Belize in terms of soft travel services. Passengers can book any destination tourist train ticket at the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, and is home to pick up. Travel car is imported cars, today we ride is a 12 seat TOYOTA van, very good condition, the driver English is great, and a strong sense of service. "Guatemala" in Indian means "dense forest land", a car out of Flores, which has been confirmed. We travel for a long time, deduct the time to eat and sleep, it is estimated that about half of the time on the road. Because of the roadside what one sees and hears are mostly associated with the rural life. So, the scenery most real down to earth. It seems that the situation in developing countries is almost the same. There are so many poor people living in the housing and the poor living environment, and even a lot of young children. Guatemala is 53% of the total population of Indians, it is not difficult to distinguish from clothing. Poor place no traffic rules of manned vehicle and not what is the difference between a vivid in livestock car Indian life scene life, is an unbearable burden. But I still have to face life with passion. For even if my life has been set, my children have hope. The little girl is a look at a beauty. Boy, what are you waiting for? This is the real life of such a small child, it is estimated that the loss of.相关的主题文章:

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