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Business Digital printing is a recently developed printing technique that is continuously gaining presence in the traditional print markets. Digital printing produces prints directly from the computer instead of a slide or image. The method is used in different commercial needs in black and white as well as white color. Companies offer digital printing services and large format printing for posters and signage, and extra wide printing for large scale applications like banners and advertising billboards and much more. Digital printing begins with capturing an image and then generating and polishing the image. For a digitalized image you can see the complete image rather than specific dots. The more ink there is per inch the clearer graphic will appear. With digital print technology a four-color process is induced. Benefits of digital printing: Undoubtedly digital printing is popular because it offers big benefits. It gives a faster output with lower production cost for the short run. Digital printing is the best for on-demand and short-run color printing. This economical method runs with less set up and there are no limitations. Digital printing makes use of waterproof and fade-resistant inks. As the process is used for high definition printing applications printing can be done all kind of substrates. Digital printing can be used in indoors as well as outdoors. The major reason is the quality of ink and other materials used in the process. It makes them suitable under all conditions and available instantly. Methods used in digital printing: Digital printing includes several processes which can be determined according to the applications and purpose of use. One of the processes is inkjet printing which results in an attractive graphic with excellent color intensity. Another method is UV printing, which delivers high quality prints while its production costs are minimal. As the process uses weather resistant ink it is best suited for outdoor graphics and all weather conditions. UV prints can be of two different types, roll fed and flatbed. The process of digital printing produces high definition images on many different materials no matter what thickness, weight and finishing is required. There are digital flatbed printers offering prints to most flat surfaces. Canvas printing is best done with the digital printing process. They images that result appear to be original and can be easily mounted on wood frames. Digital printing is also used in mesh painting, particularly in backdrops and buildings. Mesh is a lightweight fabric that is durable and not easily torn. Digital printing is one of the best examples of creativity in the printing process giving strong competition to other printing methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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