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There are eight German mother duties and ten standards of behavior – Sohu education had heard a word very classic: "parents occupation is a strong work, but many of our parents are not professional, see the German mother in the education of children of the summary on the Internet today, not only the Germans playing football very much. Oh! Other people’s mother is also called first-class! After reading it simply to kneel! You can partner with your understanding of family education, learning and reference! Germany’s strict to all, such a powerful nation, come from? The answer is: education. For a German mother, it’s better to look like a cry! Rules are better than love, but teaching is better than precept! Look at the 62 German education rules German mother job descriptions, teach children self-discipline, but also reflect on how we do it! How to do a German mother, the positions of key problems and Countermeasures of Q1: children absent-minded? German mother three "no" Song: do not remind, do not help, regardless of his! Q2: children spend money like water? To give the child the gift of books! Spend more money, then back! Teach your children that every penny they spend is a parent. Q3: children do not eat properly, how to do? German mother’s hunger Education: do not eat well, you have to starve! Q4: children grab toys, how to do? First come first served, or don’t play! Teach children, society is not absolute fairness, only rules and order. Q5: child is not procrastination? To that time, never compromise! If parents break the rules, they will despise rules. Q6: my kid is in love? German mothers respect their children’s love, because learning to love and to be loved is a valuable skill. Ten principles of iron rule two, German mother post 1: do not help children do, but let the child do iron rule 2: the child has ten shortcomings, as one of the five parents are responsible for the iron rule 3: children, parents must set an example of iron rule 4: tell the child: fall, their rule 5: do not stand up iron in the child heart? Seed iron rules buried violence 6: learn how to argue, is the first step of the 7 growth rules of iron iron rules: the ability of learning to love and to be loved is a valuable 8: let the children grow up in the collision, but not in care up in iron rules 9: not on their own experience, instead of feeling iron rules 10: children: children education society is not absolutely fair, only the rules and order three, Germany Mother eight and coping with job duties for 1- grade ability than let the children to be independent and complete individual children are not parents of the accessories, more than their parents did not complete the dream of runners. Want to educate a good child, first of all, the child should be treated as an independent individual, a complete person to look at. Rule 1 child like a flower like trees, need more care to experience! The knowledge of death and the ability to live are 2 learning rules相关的主题文章:

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